How to Pick the Perfect Length for an Explainer Video

The explainer video is very popular tendency in marketing communications. It is a means to show a definite product or service for a short period of time in a favorable light. And the main question is what is the most preferable duration of such videos should be.

As an explanation video is a market instrument so the explainer video’s duration gets in dependence to your commercial objective.

The main goal is while explaining a certain product or service you should not tire the prospective purchaser. So what is the ideal shortness for your definite case? According to a professional experience of whiteboard animation company generally the appropriate video duration is estimated of 90 sec. It’s enough duration to render an account of your product or service and at the same time not becoming wearisome for the viewers, enough time to capture the attention. It’s ideal time to send your skilled message to online audience and hold their attention till getting to the point.

Anyway though 90-second length video is very popular and recommendable, it may be unsuitable for the length of your corporate explainer videos as it depends on your destinations in marketing. It may demand more time period to show new products or services or it can be a complicated object for describing. So we can say it should be a convenient time.

We can offer different situations with the appropriate duration of explanation videos.

Up to 30 sec videos are suitable in cases:

  • It is actually easy to show your products or services;
  • Your major goal is creation of brand awareness;
  • It is a means of demonstrating firm’s video logotype or advertising card.

The 30-90 seconds videos are suitable in cases:

  • The topping time for explaining any commercial ideas;
  • It is enough time for a convincing story.

Over 90 sec videos are suitable when:

  • Your products or services are complex;
  • The characteristics of your products or services are ultramodern;
  • Your choice is a technique of whiteboard animation.

Finally remember the explainer video is to show products or services, it is not advertising on TV, it cannot be shorter than 15 seconds and not longer than 3 minutes.


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