10 Ways to Distribute Your Video Content

Video marketing may be a great tool that helps to distribute videos and promote your business. The strategy includes a set of activities aimed at achieving your business goals via a competent technological implementation of your animated video content throughout a necessary channel. Let’s check the numerous ways how to do that effectively.

10 Ways to Distribute Your Video Content 20
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What is Video Distribution?

When you apply the term video content distribution, you usually refer to the way in which video content may be put and hosted on specific channels.

Why is Video Distribution Important?

The video distribution strategy is extremely effective simply because it is an effective branding tool. 2-3 minutes of video will convey more information to the audience than an article, social media post, or long read. It will bring emotion that is hard to forget and form strong bonds between your business and the audience for good.

Thus, your video content distribution allows you to build long-term relationships with the customers, create a memorable brand, ensure audience loyalty and get free traffic to the website for company. High-quality and interesting video content will inspire confidence in your brand, and attract customers, which will lead to increased sales.

10 Ways to Distribute Your Video Content

You may choose any video distribution platform to repurpose and then distribute your valuable video content through the channels you find the most effective for your businesses.  Here are at least the ten ways to try it out.

1. Website

Your website should be the first place to publish the video. You can publish your video content on the main site or on a landing page, in the FAQ or about us section, etc. Depending on the video format, you choose which web page it is better to distribute on.

2. Landing pages

An ordinary landing page with an embedded video is a way. Most often, the video is played using the YouTube or Vimeo player and is supplemented with static images and text using standard HTML code. This way you create highly conversive pages.

3. Blog

Your company blog is the best place for any informational and placing educational explainer videos you create. Videos related to your industry, how-to videos, FAQs, and more are great ways to win over your audience. You can also post promo videos on your blog that motivate readers to take a specific action.

4. Email

Email provides the best opportunity to distribute personalized video content. In an email, you may send a video that includes your username, location, purchase history, or even a video greeting. Sky’s the limit for inbound video content distribution via emails. So, include an explainer video in your email newsletters.

5. You Tube

Every day on YouTube millions of people find answers to their questions, gain popularity, and learn something new. YouTube is also one of the most effective platforms for news, popular science, and educational material, including explainer videos. Thanks to YouTube, users can learn new information, gain access to the unique experience of experts, and develop professionally and personally.

6. News

News platforms as a video distributors may be a great idea for your business promotion. Each news portal is a global platform where everyone, be it a representative of the business environment, an author or an ordinary customer, may find the information to solve their problems.

7. Social media

The active audience of social media is similar to the audience of YouTube. That is why many brands represent their business activities on social media platforms to promote their products or services and explain things for work and play. According to Brand Analytics, only Facebook ranks 2nd in video content share (19.1% after YouTube which is 100%).

8. Podcast platforms

A podcast terminal is a website that hosts media files and automates posting and subscribing to updates to some extent. It is a type of social media and is similar to the technology of video blogs or internet radio. In addition to audio/video recording, it may contain a recording of speech in text form. A podcast is either a single file or a regularly updated series of resources on the Internet.

9. Webinars

Webinars will be a great idea to repurpose and reuse your content in an effective way. You may easily educate and engage with your viewers by means of hosting a webinar and including snippets of your videos within the webinar presentations.

10. Other

The truth is that a video is basically a series of moving images, so you may grab the most interesting stills to apply in your blog posts, and website content, as well as to create thumbnails. So, you additionally repurpose your videos as illustrations.

General tips for effective video distribution

There are at least five useful tips on how you can maximize your video content distribution.

Have a plan

Definitely, there’s a need for a good game plan. Before you produce the first piece of video, you will need to develop a plan in mind for both content creation and its effective distribution.

Know Your Audience

Of course, knowledge of who your viewers are and what they want is key. Segment them into groups and make a priority of it for your content inbound share.

Stay Original

You must be sure that you will have the means to achieve your goals, whether it be promoting a new business or promoting product sales. Being original and sharing unique content will add confidence.

Vary Your Distribution

The distribution strategy should be diversified and perfectly fit the goals, as well as alternate channels, which helps to improve the way customers interact with your business, leading to more customer satisfaction and repeat target actions.

Stay Agile

Traditionally, being agile means accomplishing small but focused goals at light speed. Cooperate with an agile video distribution company. You will get a short iteration cycle, lasting no more than a couple of days/weeks, where particular video features will be deployed. Communication is fast and effective so you won’t have to break your head concerning what’s going on out there with your project.


So, feel free to develop a plan. It will allow you to systematize the work on creating and promoting videos to attract customers, increase brand popularity, and increase your business sales. The plan helps to set a benchmark in the work and distribute areas of responsibility.

After the plan is created, start practical implementation, shoot a video, promote, analyze, correct, and so on. Repurpose your content whenever needed with the help of a reliable video for business creators and distributors.

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