5 Real Estate Explainer Video Examples That We Enjoyed

Is your real estate agency seeking brilliant ideas for an explainer video? You are in the right place! In this article, we have listed the 5 most exciting explainer videos for real estate.

5 Real Estate Explainer Video Examples That We Enjoyed 20
Illustration by Mary Seroshtanova for Explain Ninja

The value of real estate explainer videos in business is obvious. They create emotional connections between customers and companies, help build trust between them and make their real estate explainer videos interactions engaging. An explainer video can become a great asset for companies in different industries, and real estate is not an exception. 

Explainer videos for real estate have various types and formats. For example, listing videos can generate more buyer leads, neighborhood tour videos help position you as a local expert, and brand explainer videos can represent your agency’s value proposition. Here have collected the five most compelling real estate animated explainer videos examples for the real estate industry, which we have recently found on the web. Enjoy! 

Australian Mortgage Brokers

The animated video from Australian Mortgage Brokers is one of the real estate video examples of how the company can sell its services by using “non-salesy” speech actually. It’s an engaging, unobtrusive, and fun commercial that communicates the idea of easy and accessible mortgage services. This video tells what the company does and what the customer may expect from it. Also, it showcases impressive loans to build credibility and trust. The Aussie agency uses an amiable tone that makes the videos feel like a story told by a neighbor rather than a sales pitch. Below, you can enjoy watching this animation work.

Reliant Realty

In a real estate animation for Reliant Realty, we meet a real estate agent Patty. She works a lot and must pay many fees, no matter if she makes a deal or not. The real estate agent’s commission structure is complicated and implies many exacts. However, there is a solution! It’s Reliant Realty service that allows real estate agents to get an entire amount of money without paying any fees. Once you see the real estate animation video, you start quickly understanding how the service works and how many benefits it brings to real estate agents. You can see the animated video here.

The Boutique Real Estate Group

Real estate agents often say that selling a house means selling a lifestyle, and it’s very true! Just watch this commercial! The creators have definitely delivered the video with this thought in mind. In this explainer video, they show prospective customers what living in such a house means, how it feels and what they can enjoy when staying there. The scenes and style, along with stellar camera shots and upbeat music, make this real estate explainer video attractive for people who are interested in buying a new home. Are you already intrigued? Please watch it here!


The real estate explainer video from DocuSign starts with the phrase “strongest available encryption technologies,” which is engaging by itself. You can see from the beginning that the animation is performed in a simple style which, however, does its work very well. The video takes the viewer through every step of the real estate process, from the listing to the closed deal, and gives a comprehensive understanding of every stage. The explainer video also shows how DocuSign can help a real estate professional with one hundred steps in the entire process. After watching this explainer video, you can clearly understand how DocuSign works and facilitates the routine of the real estate process. We suppose it’s one of the best real estate explainer examples.  

Mittal Brothers

The Mittal Brothers are developers of the real estate service Pune. To promote their 2 BHK development in Hinjewadi Pune, they produced an animated explainer video. In this short commercial, the viewer can see a huge difference between newly built homes and old buildings. New houses promoted in the video promise much more sky, comfort and less urbanistic landscape to their future owners than ordinary city buildings. They look like a kind of resort rather than usual homes. This comparison is a great idea to advertise a real estate property and engage the customer. You can watch an entire video here. 

The Bottom Line 

The real estate industry can be much more exciting if agencies involve explainer videos to promote the property to their customers. Explainer videos help companies not only to tell about their services but also demonstrate them and narratively explain how everything works. It allows customers to understand the process and make a choice faster and more confidently. Here are our top five explainer video examples for the real estate industry. We hope that you really enjoyed watching these videos!

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