The Sales & Marketing Power of Animated Explainer Videos

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic” – Seth Godin

The society has already had everything to satisfy its basic needs. The global markets are crowded with similar products. We don’t need more stuff, we need more humanity, creativity, and magic in our lives. Digital marketing has also evolved. Intelligent companies aren’t seeking to pitch their products and services to the audience directly. They are looking for ways to tell their own, unique stories on how they evolved and how they want to contribute to the world for everyone’s benefit. They turn their products and services into the tools to deliver higher value and bring a more significant mission to a global community.

Today’s marketing is spinning around human life values, real stories, feelings, motifs of global evolution, and upcoming big changes. Brands that keep abreast of the latest tendencies in “empathic” marketing and try to build more “human” relationships with their customers obviously dominate in the market. Just look at Nike, Red Bull, or Apple — they don’t sell products in their marketing, but they “sell” motivational stories told by real people. These brands build emotional connections with a target audience because they know that only this will ensure long-term relationships with buyers and increase customer acquisition in the current conditions.

Is there a better way to tell your brand story than doing it in a video? As my marketing practice shows it, an animated video is the most powerful tool of influence that spans both audio and visual perceptual aspects. The video is also essential to your product marketing strategy. In this article, I would like to outline the essential reasons why animated explainer video production can be a wise investment in successful digital marketing for the new normal.

Animated Commercials Help Earn Customer Loyalty

The Sales & Marketing Power of Animated Explainer Videos 20
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Customer loyalty. It’s the number one goal of smart brands during the Coronavirus recession. When industries are embraced by challenges caused by the recent lockdown, customer loyalty is what, actually, helps most of the businesses keep the head above the water in the crisis. By investing in animated business videos, you can ensure customer loyalty during a recession.

The animated commercials entertain the audience and pitch your brand ideas unobtrusively at maximum. We all are kids, and cartoons have always been our favorite kind of entertainment. Regardless of the industry and the level of its “seriosity” and “formality,” a pinch of humor in the fun animation can be especially relevant today when the customer’s mind might be embraced by anxiety regarding the post-Coronavirus future and economic downturn.

Many financial institutions, healthcare organizations, eCommerce stores, and SaaS companies find animated videos the most versatile and effective way to advertise their products and services to the audience today.

Animated Videos Showcase The Beauty of Your Product and Its Features Creatively

The animated video offers even more opportunities to advertise your product engagingly than even a live-motion video. When producing an animation, your imagination can fly high. You can introduce your product or service in the most unexpected context, put it in fun situations, combine the most fantastic backgrounds and visual effects, and amaze the customer with your brand’s creativity.

The video allows you to demonstrate your product features, benefits, and communicate its value to the audience very consistently — step by step, scene by scene. The video lets you structure your product information in the most efficient way and pack it into a short and entertaining piece of content. In an animated explainer video, you can zoom your product’s smallest detail and show how its invisible mechanisms function. You can show how specific product features work. All this can be explained in a short and highly engaging video.

Explainer Videos Effectively Communicate Complex Business Concepts

As mentioned above, explainer videos allow you to present information gradually, step by step. It’s one of the best forms of delivering information to product end-users. In the animated video, you can break even the most complicated information down into short scenes that represent information in an easy-to-digest form. Plus, an audio explanation accompanied by the visual support works much more efficiently than ordinary written tutorials or product descriptions.

In 2020, we can see the trend of explainer videos even in “serious” industries such as banking, cybersecurity, aerospace, postal services, blockchain-based, environmental organizations, and so on. It probably happens because these companies realize that they need to describe their complex products and difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way, and an animated explainer video seems to be the best option to do it.

Effective Explainer Videos Unload Your Customer Help Desk

A masterfully crafted explainer video can deliver information about a product or service more effectively. Consequently, it can help you reduce the number of inquiries sent to a customer support team. Consumers will simply have no need to contact it if they enjoy the experience with your product and understand how to use it.

Moreover, a good explainer video can help you decrease customer dissatisfaction and disappointment that might be experienced when the buyer uses a product or service for the first time and don’t know how to leverage all the product features.

Branded Videos Help Stand Out With a Powerful Brand Voice

Today, many companies like Slack, Spotify, and Oreo, use design elements of their brand identities in animated videos for business. It helps them emphasize their brand voices and increase brand awareness. You can use branding colors, logos, mascots, marketing messages, your brand’s specific jingles, etc. in the animated video.

One more great example of a branded video is the one produced for Swiss Fin Lab by Explain Ninja. The animation is performed solely in a branding color palette.

When seeing a video, viewers will recognize your brand at a glance. Today, most of the animated explainer videos begin (or end) with displaying an animated logotype that is the number one element of a brand identity. Even such a detail can help your raise brand recognizability and awareness.

To Wrap It Up

The sales and marketing power of an animated video lies in the fact that it’s the most trendy, relevant, and desired form of pitching your ideas today. These several statistics prove it. According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Furthermore, 87% of marketing professionals have already recognized a video as the most effective marketing tool. As per Animoto, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.

These are just a few facts, confirming that an animated video is what can help your businesses grow in the online world during a massive digital transformation.

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