4 Big Reasons to Use Animated Explainer Videos in Real Estate Business

Our team shares the four significant advantages of using animated explanatory videos in the real estate business in this article. So, are you ready to learn more about it? Let’s start!

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. To succeed in the saturated market, real estate companies must find innovative ways to promote their services and engage customers. An animated explainer video is a creative practice that can help real estate professionals win new customers and build a remarkable brand image online through video production for real estate. 

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Illustration by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

A property explainer video helps your agency to stand out

Are you seeking a versatile medium for your sales and marketing strategies? Likely, a property explainer video is what can help you achieve these goals. Many explainer video production companies offer real estate animation to their clients to incorporate brand identity elements into their videos to increase brand awareness and recognizability. 

Moreover, it’s a fresh technique that allows blending animation, fun, and a sales pitch into a powerful mix that excites online customers and makes the brand stand out in the digital world. Have you already seen many real estate explainer videos on the World Wide Web? Probably, no. 

Actually, there are a few companies in the market that leverage this powerful technique. Most often, companies are afraid of the myth about high production costs. However, it’s just a myth. The high-quality 30-second animated video costs around 2000-4500 USD depending on the complexity of animation. With an engaging explainer video, companies can multiply their revenue by several times. 

It helps a real estate company build customer trust

Let’s try to step into the customer’s shoes. What would motivate you to choose the company from others? One of the primary reasons would be how clearly they explain the benefits of their services and the process itself. Real estate animations make you trust this agency more.

So, here is another moment a real estate explanatory video can come in handy. Together with the production team, you can create a script for your future video, clearly describing the advantages of your services and why the customer should trust you.

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The video explainer saves your customer’s time

Jumping from the previous point to the next one, it’s worth mentioning that an animated explainer video enables you not only to transfer information effectively but also to do it in a concise and compelling manner. Consider that all your company’s competitive advantages can be packed into a several-minute animated video. This practice allows you to position the brand as the one that cares about its customers and saves their valuable time.

By the way, who doesn’t want to switch the attention from the daily stuff and spend a few minutes watching an engaging cartoon? The animation brings another value to the customer – entertainment. So, even if your animated explainer video is longer than 2 minutes, no worries. It still is engaging and appealing if produced by real masters

An animated explanation video increases sales

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Illustration by Mari Seroshtanova for Explain Ninja

An animated video is an incredibly eye-catching and attention-grabbing content type that performs well in digital advertising. Another great idea is to use animation in the ad that promotes your company’s services to online customers on social media or the web. It also converts better compared to other content types if you use it in email marketing campaigns. 

Don’t want to spend money on advertising? Then, you can just embed the animated video into the website. It will help create a powerful first impression of your real estate agency, establish online customer’s loyalty, and introduce your business creatively. All of these methods drive sales and accelerate your business growth.

To wrap it up

Are you still considering whether it’s worth investing in animated explainer video production? Check our previous article on How The Business Can Benefit from Animated Videos. It will help you better understand it and make a well-informed decision for your real estate firm.

Or are you already looking for the video partner to produce your video? Don’t wait to reach out to our consultants to get the project estimate and share your ideas. Explain Ninja is always happy to help brands via their real estate motion graphics build a powerful online presence through animated video production. 

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