Latest Animation Trends for Video Production

2017 is a year of informative, entertaining and engaging visuals. Video animation for business has become an integral part of a content marketing strategy. What trends are we watching now? It’s development of mobile website design and mobile applications, growth of video content, new social platforms like Periscope and Snapchat and software for creating animated videos for experienced web video production companies and beginners.
Let’s have a look at the latest animation trends you can use to empower your campaign:

  • Background Animation. This animation draws attention to small details of the site and adds users’ interest; however, it should be slow not to distract customers from the main message.
  • Isometric Animation. A 3D object is placed in a 2D plane for perspective effect. You can use isometric technique for animated business videos if your customers’ business is related to high-tech fields.
  • Loading Animation. No one likes waiting for a web page to load. A nice option in this case is a loading animation which indicates loading process of a page. A character should correspond to the style of your web-site. For example, create a cartoon car if you sell repair parts and accessories. You can also animate your company logo for page loading.
  • Scrolling Animation. This is the best tool for illustrating a process. However, you will have to invest a great deal of money and time to do it properly.
  • From Illustration to Animation. Nowadays there are a wide range of programs for transforming a hand-drawn illustration into digital animation and further edition. It will add motion to your characters and draw users’ interest.
  • Navigation Animation. This technique is useful for both animated videos for business and entertaining purposes. Animators use it for pop-up menus, slide menus and “hamburger” navigation buttons.

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