Why Viral Videos Are Going to Break Your Marketing Campaign?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what a viral video is. It’s a special technique for promotion of a certain brand (services, products, etc.) using social networks. A viral video gets many views over a certain period of time, and its audience actively shares the video with other users.

Viral videos are widely used in explanation video production, they may be effective but in some cases they can ruin your marketing strategy. What are its key benefits?

It creates good brand awareness and targets huge audience. Explainer video cost is another benefit, because it’s much cheaper than ordinary advertising, especially commercials for television.

The audience usually shares videos with similar minded users who will also share it.
Viral video or an explainer video blog is much more effective than a written promotion in magazines, brochures and posters.

However, there are a few reasons which may break you marketing campaign. Let’s consider them in details. Even if your video gained several million views within a couple of days it does not guarantee proper business results. Explainer video studios work hard to create a shocking catchy video which can inspire people into sharing. But actual value and “instant shock” are different things; the impact of a viral video fades away quite quickly.

If you want to create something more than entertainment you’ll need a specific audience. There is one golden rule in marketing: targeting everybody means targeting nobody. You should clearly keep in mind who you are trying to target.

Viral videos have little useful information; they are created to make you laugh, be surprised or shocked. You should educate your audience in addition to plain entertainment.
It’s a good idea to make a few funny viral videos, but do not concentrate too much on them. Combine several marketing strategies to achieve all your goals.

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