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2024 was a fruitful and creative year. Lots of creative business ideas became real, and many users got a chance to see the most incredible visuals. The Explain Ninja team managed to release incredible explain video masterpieces for various industries that have been awarded and also brought desired results for the business clients.

Top Explainer Video Animation Collection 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
Motion graphics from Dribbble

Top explainer videos of the year

Company profile videos, product reviews, demos, and how-to videos or highly engaging animated explainer videos for any other purpose are a proven way to improve their search engine rate and increase the effectiveness of your business promotion campaigns. Here you will see a couple of the most astonishing pieces.


Made in Cinema 4D + After Effects to showcase incredible animation and motion design expertise for the crypto native solutions. Enjoy it.

Alice James Global

A video for a successful solution for the fashion industry, Alice James Global, a global sourcing and production management agency based in Texas, offers full support for fashion brands of all sizes.


Here’s another video explainer from Explain Ninja awarded with a Video of the Day Award at the Motion Design Awards:


The Armanino project was also awarded a Video of the Day reward on Have a look.


Explainer video for Meilisearch – an open-source search API is another beautiful piece from the team:


This is the shot from our new video for Avalara. The shot was entirely made in 3D with particles.


Another video for our new project for Medusa. Check out the full version at the link below:

Explainer videos help you increase the understanding level of your audience and educate it because it clearly shows your company, the product benefits and features, and how the things you do can be used to solve a particular problem or fill a distinctive need. So, hurry up to include explainers into your marketing plan for the next year as the best practice.

Wrap Up

The video explainer has long been a great way to introduce a complex subject or concept in a very understandable to the audience way. This might be anything: from a quick overview of your product, service, or company to showing a product features or explaining how they function. Either way, it’s an easy point of entry for people who don’t otherwise know about your brand. Great explainer video animation is a key to better search positions and business success in a digital environment. Think of a quality motion video design right now to succeed in your marketing plan for the next year!

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