How to Create Explainer Videos for Startups

Are you looking to create an animated explainer video for your startup? These simple tips can help you accomplish this more efficiently.

How to Create Explainer Videos for Startups 20

Explainer videos have become extremely popular in recent years thanks to their power of engagement and the ability to build customer loyalty. Startups all over the world start incorporating explainer videos into their marketing strategies to attract early adopters, engage investors and build a customer base. Animated explainers are a kind of content that has many chances to become viral. It is exciting in its nature as it’s very creative and extraordinary.

Before starting the video production process, startups usually have many questions about creating an explainer video. What to start with? How to introduce their business solution and idea? What style of video to choose? Where to find some startup explainer video inspiration? In this article, we’re answering some questions. 

How to make an explainer video sweet?

Keep it short

It’s key to keep the video short. The video content under one minute usually performs best. You might already have heard that modern consumer attention spans have significantly decreased over the last years. The shorter the video, the more chances there are that the consumer will watch it entirely and get the idea. The video duration matters. If it’s too long, the video makes people bored, and they will scroll the feed without watching your marketing message. 

Keep it simple

Everything genius is simple. Make it easy to understand even for a child, and one of the main goals of an explainer video is achieved. The simplicity of information presentation plays a key role as it makes the video more digestible for consumers and allows the brand to communicate the essential idea more effectively.

Be specific

This tip is a logical continuation of the previous one. Be specific and avoid “water” in the script and voice-over text. It’s highly recommended to keep the copy very straight to the point while combining it with exciting storytelling. Try to be minimalistic and impressive at the same time. Finding the balance between telling a great story and being specific toward the product as the customer problem solution is a real art.

Introduce your startup

Would you like to make your startup recognizable and grow brand awareness? To achieve this, many companies create animation in primary brand colors and add the logo at the end (or beginning) of the video. You can also make your own sonic branding and use it in the video. Sonic branding refers to a special sound that the brand uses in its video and audio marketing materials. It makes the company recognizable by its sound.

Problem and solution

Every great explainer video should contain a clear definition of the customer problem and solution that the product provides for it. This allows building the product value and demonstrates how the target customer can benefit from it. The problem can be described in a playful or humoristic manner like in the cartoon and showcase the so-called negative scenario of the customer’s journey (in which the customer doesn’t use the product yet). It is usually followed by a positive scenario of the customer’s journey that shows how the customer can prevent, avoid or solve the problem using the product or service. This contrasting comparison emphasizes the product’s value and helps build brand credibility.

Call to action

The call to action is the necessary element of almost every marketing content piece, no matter if it’s an ad, email, social media post, or an explainer video. So, be sure your animated commercial contains it too, and it’s really engaging. Don’t be afraid to ask people to follow your brand on social media, to visit your company’s website, to check your online store, or whatever. Although it may seem salesy if you keep the rest of the video neutral from the promotional perspective, incorporating a bright call to action at the end of the video is completely OK. This approach shouldn’t feel pushy for the viewers. 

Be really creative, be different

The last but not least tip is to be creative and be brave enough to stand with your unique idea or concept. In this article, I have provided some recommendations based on my experience. However, you should keep in mind that your creative marketing path is your own, and it’s you who build it. Don’t be afraid of going beyond proven tips and experiment with your own approach to creating explainer videos. It’s very welcomed, and it’s what can help your company stand out from the competition. 

The article first appeared on Hackernoon

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