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How to write excellent script for explainer video

November 6, 2016

You only have a brief moment of a viewer’s attention. And it is very difficult to present your offer so that they want to buy it. You have to make it interesting, informative and short. The first step in making an excellent video is to write a good script. It is not difficult. You should know just a few simple rules.

Begin at the end


Make a storyboarding video for the best script. Imagine the final result in your mind. How should it be? What do you want to see in it? Think every second, every frame of the clip through.

Don’t try to make it long. People will not watch your video for hours. You are not Marvel. A few minutes are enough.

Study your audience


Use analytic tools of your video hosting to know who watches your clips and to know when they stop watching it. Optimize your clips accordingly. If viewers leave after two minutes, make the videos shorter.

Put the primary message into the first 30 seconds. You have to convince the audience that it’s fun to watch your video. They should understand it in the beginning, because if you make just the ending interesting, no one will watch long enough to see it.

Be informative


Talk with the audience. Make them feel that you really care about them. It may not be true, but they don’t need to know it.

You can create a really small show. Make the explainer video blog where you will tell about parts of your project individually. It will make the presentation more detailed. But you have to think every episode of the blog through to make it interesting.

Don’t only try to share information. Tell the story that will be interesting. If people want to know plain facts they will read the encyclopedia. Don’t be boring!

Make your own website explainer video. Let it tell everything about your work. Think about videos that would be interesting for yourself. What kind of content would you watch yourself?

Think about people and make video for them! Good luck!

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