How to Use Animated Videos to Set Customer Loyalty

Here we consider the top six most popular and effective types of videos used by brands worldwide to set customer trust and loyalty.

Customer loyalty is one of the most important business values today. Loyal customers are more likely to return to your business again, make new purchases, share positive feedback about your brand with others. That’s why companies should pay particular attention to building trust with their customers and receiving their loyalty. Video content is one of the most effective ways to implement it. In this article, we will talk about the most popular types of videos you can use to earn customer loyalty and love. 

Thank-You Videos

Animated thank-you videos are the first and most efficient method of fostering customer loyalty toward your brand. These short animated videos might express your brand’s gratitude to customers for choosing its products and services, staying its customer for years, completing a form, etc. Your target audience will appreciate your company’s attention. 

Many marketers say that they find it the most actionable to display a thank-you video once the customer completed the purchase. It helps set the right tone for further relationships with buyers and let them know that this interaction won’t end and the brand can provide them with even more handy solutions.

Upsell Videos

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Upsell videos offer people additional products or services relevant to them after they have made the first purchase. Be sure that the products you promote in upsell videos correspond to the customer’s most actual needs and complement the product promoted previously. Show them the benefits and solutions that this new product will be creating for them. It will help you provide a more comprehensive experience for the customer and increase conversions. 

Onboarding Videos

Onboarding is an extremely important part of the user experience. People love products, which they can understand and know how to use effectively. Thus, onboarding is crucial for product success. 

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Consequently, animated onboarding videos have become another trend hitting our screens and digital experiences. Users would be thankful to your brand if you provide them with easy-to-understand videos that educate them on how to use a product correctly. It will facilitate customer interaction with the product, drive loyalty to a brand, and grow user satisfaction. You can leverage onboarding videos in mobile applications, web apps, websites, and other digital platforms.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos have been viral in recent years and still are widely used in marketing and building connections with customers. Companies use them to explain complicated business concepts, ideas, processes, and plans. Many brands also leverage animated explainer videos to showcase how their products work and how to exploit them. 

It’s a convenient way to transfer complex information about the brand, products, and services. Animated videos are mostly easy-to-consume, entertaining, and fun. The element of humor turns every marketing video into a fun cartoon that reminds us of childhood. Another peculiarity of animated explainer videos is that they seem less promotional and more entertaining for viewers. It allows setting emotional bonds between the brand and a target audience and build trust.

Animated Video for Zoom Engage by Explain Ninja

Holiday Video-Greetings

Christmas? Easter? Hanukkah? Other local holidays or customers’ birthdays? On any of these special days, your company can set a beautifully designed newsletter with an animated video greeting embedded. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Just imagine the customer opens the email from your company and watches an engaging animated video, in which you wish all the best to people who stay with your brand. Does anything better for setting customer loyalty exist than a cartoony video greeting? 

Corporate Summary Videos

Many companies organize corporate events and team-building parties several times per year. Usually, brand founders or their managers demonstrate the company’s results achieved during the milestone in a presentation. With a custom animated video, there is no need for PowerPoint presentations anymore. 

A video is a much more engaging and memorable type of content, which you can use to summarize all the fruits of your team’s labor. Businesses can use corporate animated videos at the New Year parties and meetings with clients, partners, or investors to tell about their processes creatively.

Wrapping It Up

As you see, animated videos are a helpful tool for setting customer loyalty, even amidst a recession. They are especially handy when people are stressed because of continuous staying at home and social isolation. Companies can use animation for different marketing and corporate purposes.

This article has outlined the six most popular types of videos that brands can use to build trust and warm relationships with their target audiences in the online world. 

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