Our Video Explainer Gets a Video of the Day Award at Motion Design Awards

Explain Ninja is an award-winning animation production company based in Warsaw, also known as Fireart Studio product design & development company subsidiary. This time it is awarded a “Video of the Day” reward on MotionDesignAwards.com after their latest release of an animated video made for the crypto native solution – the Armanino project.

Our Video Explainer Gets a Video of the Day Award at Motion Design Awards 20
Video shots

The explainer video for Armanino, which is the global leader in digital asset solutions and the go-to accounting and consulting firm for crypto native companies, and one of the top 25 accounting & consulting firms in the nation, was created to showcase the teams’ incredible expertise in the realm of animation and motion design. As usual, it was made to deliver a depth of knowledge and a range of services, and show the assistance of a consistent and responsive team.

Our Video Explainer Gets a Video of the Day Award at Motion Design Awards 21
Video design sample

Explain Ninja motion graphics company has been widely renowned for profound cases in the sphere of crypto/blockchain projects for years, as well as in many other industries. They cooperated closely with the Swiss Fin Lab team to create an animation video that would help illustrate their solutions, as well as produced other works for both individual and corporate clients for exclusive transparency, efficiency, and control over their business with the help of well thought and custom designed educational or promotional materials.

For Armanino the team created concepts & sketches, style frames, and storyboards and added illustrations to meet the requirements of the project to explain their tool functioning processes. Additionally, the explainer video included the elements of 2D, and 3D animation, and a high-quality sound design. – Explain Ninja motion graphic company team

Our Video Explainer Gets a Video of the Day Award at Motion Design Awards 22
Another shot from the new video

Today, explainer videos are one of the most affordable and effective means to promote new products, services, or other ideas. Videos are highly conversive and engaging and quickly explain even the worldliest things, most acceptably and compactly. They grab the users’ attention and that is the reason why the number of businesses looking for a reliable animated video production service is dramatically increasing. Explain Ninja being long on the market remains one of the leading video design suppliers for the most complex animation design & motion graphics projects.

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Explain Ninja is an animated explainer video maker located in Warsaw, Poland. As Fireart Studio subsidiary, which is Poland’s leading product design & software development company, it was established in 2013. Since then the company has grown to become one of the most sought-after and trusted teams among the top-notch animation studios both in Poland and abroad. Explain Ninja has delivered incredible video solutions for over 200 companies worldwide, including Armanino, Kidkin, Vishay, Nexus, MyTaxi, Codio, Pipedrive, Huawei, Google, Atlassian, SwissFinLab, and many others.

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