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Fantastic blockchain supply chain explainer video has already found its practical application in various industries, from fashion to marketing, from design to technologies. Fintech and the realm of cryptocurrencies are not an exception. Go ahead to create your next explainer video with us for the most controversial modern technology ever!

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Blockchain: what’s that?

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger because the entire chain of certain transactions and the list of owners you have are stored on their computers by many independent users. Even if one or more computers fail, the information will not be lost.

This network is built to simplify the process of recording transactions and accounting for assets on a business network. An asset can be material (house, car, money, land) or non-material (intellectual property, copyrights, patents, branding).

Almost anything with any value may easily be tracked and sold using the blockchain. Thus, Blockchain is a continuous chain of blocks. It contains all the records of transactions. Unlike regular databases, you cannot change or delete these records; you can only add new ones.

How it is used in Finance & Cryptocurrency?

This technology is supposed to reduce risks and costs for all parties involved. Accordingly, it is most widely applied in Finances to simplify, safeguard, and optimize financial transactions, related risks, and so much more.

The blockchain network allows you to track orders, payments, accounts, items, and more. And because all participants share a single source of trusted data, you can view all transaction details at any time to work with greater confidence and gain new benefits and opportunities.


Why blockchain matters?

Modern business dramatically depends on data. Such data acquisition speed and accuracy are more than critical. Blockchain will be an ideal method for providing such data as it offers authorized network participants instant, generalized, and completely transparent access to information in an immutable ledger.

Many traders and other people involved in blockchain regularly seek valid video data and highly engaging blockchain explainer videos to improve their skills or increase the quality of services, etc. That’s why video explainers for Fintech are also gaining momentum.

How explainer videos help?

We all know well that the YouTube platform is a powerful tool for receiving news about cryptocurrencies, learning the basics of trading, as well as collecting opinions from successful cryptocurrency investors from around the world.

If you set a goal, you may quickly master such areas as mining, earnings from buying/selling cryptocurrencies with a relatively small investment of time, and also understand what is better to invest in personal finance, etc. And all thanks to watching high-quality explainer videos on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Why Explain Ninja videos?

 The videos you may create with Explain Ninja are able to cover any kind of industry demands, even the most sophisticated or specific like Crypto. Be it a tutorial, blockchain ico video explainer instruction, expert review, life hack, or whatever.

Everyone nowadays is trying to make cool content, always communicate and wait for feedback from their subscribers, etc. Your audience may anticipate the latest cryptocurrency news on their favorite communication channels; seek some live broadcasts with the blockchain industry leaders, project reviews, and market analytics.

Add there an explanation of blockchain terms literally on your fingers and weekly digests with the results of the outgoing week, and you get a full-fledged Crypto TV. That is why explainers created for this type of industry will be the most outstanding solutions to cover it all and satisfy even the most sophisticated financial user. Briefly, on point, and with humor if you like it to be so.

Best design practices & videos

Watch our animated explainer video for Omise, a payment gateway for Thailand, Japan and Singapore:

Created by Explain Ninja team

Also, enjoy an animated video for Opengear:

Crypto & Blockchain Explainer Videos 21

Here are some awesome UI design concepts for Fintech & Cryptocurrencies:

Source: Dribbble

To wrap it up

No matter which explainer video type you apply for your Fintech project, the history of creation, an interview, tutorial manual, or any other, it will be more likely to attract hundreds of thousands of users around. The media like that, be it a product story or case, with the approaches described in this best blockchain explainer video, will be helpful for everyone, including Fintech experts and traders, so don’t miss the chance to keep your audience up to date with our assistance. We’ll review an RFP and pick the best pricing plan.

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