How Does a Video Production Company Work From the Inside?

Video production is one of the most creative ways to produce videos for various needs. This process includes a large amount of work that a professional team must perform. Video production plays a unique role in marketing. After all, the final result of the video depends on your product marketing strategy. What does a video production company do to create the ideal material? What is a production company?Let’s check it out now.

How Does a Video Production Company Work From the Inside? 20
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What is a Video Production Company?

What is video production?

A production studio is a video company of professionals specializing in producing video products of any complexity. A good production studio with a full range of services, from creative development, concept and ending with ready-made video solutions, is what you need to produce high-quality material for any business.

Today, there are a large number of areas in which companies that are engaged in studio video production may work. Among these areas, the main difference is between those that are videographers and video producers. To make the right decision for your business marketing, make sure you understand what the primary difference in the model is.

What’s the Difference Between a Videographer and a Video Production Company?

Both business owners and marketers who need videos for their company often face the same dilemma: whom to choose as a marketing a video production company performer. The choice of studio production is usually small. This is either a freelance videographer or a video production studio.

What is a production company? –  It is an officially registered company; each of the employees is highly specialized. The studio creative director forms a team of scriptwriters, directors, cameramen, editors, motion designers, and other specialists. The main customers of the company may be legal entities, government agencies, and other corporate clients.

Such companies are often called video production studios, which are the agencies that professionally create video advertisements, films, promotions, and TV shows, etc.

A videographer is primarily an independent specialist who works on freelance principles. It’s more likely an individual entrepreneur, a highly-skilled producer who shoots and edits videos for various niches. The main customers are individuals mostly. However, there may be exceptions production company vs studio, too.

If you’re a business owner, or a marketer, then the studio will be a better choice.

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What Does a Video Production Company Do?

What does a production company do? Depending on their focus, it may be engaged in commercials, explainer videos, and filming documentaries, non-standard social or other projects.  Its work stands on three major stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. There’s much work to do on each of them.

1. Conduct product and market research

Pre-production is a planning stage. Every project starts with research and looking for deeper insights into the business and its audience. Based on the goal, audience, and context, the producer, as part of the creative team, forms the project’s concept, timeline, and budget of a studio vs production company. 

2. Meet and collaborate with clients

At this stage, you get to know the client, the task you’re going to work on, and discuss the ideas. First, it is important to understand the goal, audience, and context of the video you want to create.

There’s an idea that one video may solve only one goal at once. It is very difficult to convey two messages in a 10-30 second video explainer. So, the client needs to make a choice: either to inform the audience only, or create a brand image, etc.

That would be clever to squeeze multiple goals into the series of videos, then.

3. Audition actors, source props, and create wardrobe pieces

Casting may be the most exciting stage of the work. You may organize a pre-production meeting (PPM). It is a meeting with a client, where the shooting day is discussed in as much detail as possible. Clothes, decorations, props, models are finally approved on it. PPM with the client must go before filming – you make sure all are on the same page to avoid miscommunication.

4. Film videos and record audio clips

Here, the team may already pass over to the next stage of video production, where they film material and record voices based on the script, etc.

Something always goes wrong. A producer here is a person who has several ready-made solutions / alternatives as a backup.

Everyone has an idea of what an ideal process should look like and what’s right or wrong. Taking apart the shooting day into fragments together, you may understand what to fix in the future.

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6. Mix audio and music tracks

The text must be thought over from scratch. Voiceovers are to be ready before you decide on the final cut. The essential selection of tracks for a video will make life easier for everyone. If you write music yourself, tell the client what the composer’s track is, choose a reference by style and mood, etc.

7. Create animations, motion graphics, and SFX

Some video production involves special effects, graphics, or others. Even storyboards are a great way to start, support your video production, improve the process and produce better quality material. For this part of the work, you will need great experienced motion designers.

Paradoxically, but the post-production stage should be planned at pre-production so that to keep the top specialists on board till the end.

8. Post videos online and contact TV stations for broadcasting

Sometimes video production companies also organize video distribution over the media or share the ready video content on other platforms as per the client’s agreement. Moreover, they may further promote it and gather analytics,

That depends on how many tasks the client wants the company to perform within the contract.  A more common scenario is when clients distribute the material on their side, but still. It also may depend on the production company description, the way it positions its services, etc.

Do not show raw material to the client. But even worse than that is to delay the delivery of the video. A product delayed for a week means the client’s expectations increased twice. And who knows if you’re going to meet them.

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Video Production Company vs Studio: What is Better for You?

You should also realize that there are various types of production companies or studios. A studio may produce films for the general public, while companies specializing in video production work for many other companies to help them create their desired content.

Generally, studios may be much larger and often acquire a corporate business configuration. They are trusted in terms of how does a production company work, what create, how to cater to their clients, and so on.


Many modern companies are often recommended to use the services of video production companies when they need to come up with the video content ideas for. What is a video production company and what is video production are the first things to understand before you pick an ideal video maker for your business needs.

After all, with the help of a video, you may reveal your business services and goods in a new way. Since modern users prefer only high-quality advertising campaigns, what do production companies do is meeting those high expectations and connecting their end-users with your products in an incredible way.

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