Pros and Cons of Using Animation for Websites

Why do you need animation websites? The truth is that animation for the website is an important component of all modern web resources. Often it is tied to the user’s interaction with the website. No wonder, with the help of animated elements, you can control the behavior of users, and guide them in any making decision. An appropriate animated website pleases the eye of visitors and helps to increase its conversion.

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Should You Use Website Animations?

Best website animations should be used to guide the user through a step-by-step scheme of actions when it takes time to load the data of each subsequent page. When viewing the animation with the elements that are the hardest to animate, the user becomes interested and pays less attention to the duration of the download. So, it’s worth the effort. Web animation may include any explainer video animated for a website that will be used on your website. These may also comprise animated commercials, screensavers, gif-animation explainer videos, or other multimedia. All of them revive sites, bring them out of static deadness, and allures the audience.

Is website animation still a good idea?

Good animations for websites take your resource to the upper level and evoke affection and fluidity. So, this is a good idea if applied wisely. Without animation, even the most thoughtful interfaces confuse users and cause them to make random choices without any context. However, often having good visuals or pixel-perfect look images are not enough to stand out among the possible competition, and animation for website become an issue in question.

The Pros of Animations in Web Design

Great animations are used when you need to make a unique site where all content elements interact with each other. The major advantages of using the best website animation are the following:


Such desktop or mobile animation sites are very creative; they look great in the portfolio, show the general level of the company and improve the reputation.


With the help of motion graphics for websites, you may improve any element of your UI. Thus, logos become more modern, and brighter, lure the user from the first seconds, and provide the necessary information about your company. Successful logos not only carry some information, but also an emotional charge which engages the audience.

UX improvement

Of course, such bottom UI/UX animations are not only pleasing to the eye but, are functional search, navigation, subscribe, or other elements, that help create a vibrant user experience for the most demanding users.

The Cons of Animations in Website Design

Of course, there is always a catch. Using superfluous or unreasonable animation effects may cause serious UX/UI troubles and deter the users from your website pages.

Data overload

In fact, if there are a huge number of animated objects, such as flash and gif animations, on the page, then it is almost impossible for the user to read and study the information provided. All the elements overload and distract from the data needed, and deter the user from the page content.


Any motion design type especially flash videos overload and increase the page weight.  That’s why loading speed or freezing is one of the most often complaints from users who visit pages with really heavy animations.

Unreasonable usage

You should not use animation on websites only for beauty and an attractive look when this is unreasonable. Thus, animation on the pages of the site turns out to be useful in different cases, but its use should be determined by objective reasons, and not by a simple desire to add several moving design elements to the website or make it alluring.


Animations are everywhere these days. No wonder, the users like them, increase conversions, create a wow effect, and are able to distinguish your site from hundreds of competitors. Animation in web design is great for creating an unforgettable platform. Icon or logo animation and many other are still widely used in web design if reasonably, despite various minor problems with loading speed or freezing, etc. But the most important thing to remember when implementing animated elements is their impact on usability. How to add animation to the website, and where and why to integrate animation are up to you. Do you want animations from a motion graphics services that will make users fall in love with your websites? – Contact Explain Ninja asap.

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