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Explain NInja is an award-winning animation and explainer video production company located at the heart of Poland, Warsaw. Since 2013, we have been creating high-quality animated videos for educational and marketing purposes for different companies in the finance industry, including banks, fintech startups, and other financial institutions and fintech promotion.

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What is a fintech animated explainer video?

Explainer video for fintech is a short clip using animation to introduce a fintech company, promote its products and services, and explain complicated financial technologies and innovations to customers. Many fintech startups use animated video for fintech to demonstrate how their systems work and educate users about how to use them more effectively.

A fintech animation is also a powerful marketing tool that empowers brands to increase customer engagement, build loyalty, and grow a user base.

Benefits of using an explainer video for a fintech company

Demonstrate your financial technology via fintech animation Explainer Video for Fintech 20

A fintech animation can be a perfect medium to demonstrate how your innovative approaches and technologies work using real cases. It will help potential customers better understand your financial solution and how they can apply it in their situations.

Showcase your fintech innovation Explainer Video for Fintech 21

You can showcase all features and competitive advantages of your fintech innovations and digital products in an explainer video. Mixed with an exciting animated story, the presentation of your fintech innovation will look even more appealing to potential customers.

Deliver a more compelling sales pitch Explainer Video for Fintech 22

An animated explainer video can become a part of your sales pitch. Empower your service or product presentation with impressive storytelling, beautiful animations, incredible visual style, and outstanding voiceover. A fintech animation will help set your company apart from competitors.

Optimize market breach for fintech startups Explainer Video for Fintech 23

A fintech animation is particularly helpful for financial companies looking to breach the market with the latest innovations. Explainer videos are an excellent solution for startups that aim to conduct their marketing across different platforms, as they perform well in terms of customer engagement in any marketplace.

Why choose Explain Ninja as a partner

Experience in the fintech Industry

We have been collaborating with many financial startups and companies. We consider every project as the opportunity to enrich our knowledge and grow professionally. With around a decade of experience, we can offer you solutions that match the finance industry's specifics.

The team's comprehensive skillset

Explain Ninja is a team of talented digital artists, animators, and directors who have been working together since the very beginning. We smoothly collaborate on the projects, complement each other's skills, and constitute a powerful professional core.

Top animated video production company

Explain Ninja has been rated among the best animation and video production companies on the most authoritative B2B market analytics platforms. Our latest achievements include global recognition as the top explainer video production company on The Manifest.

A strategic approach to video production

We take a strategic approach to the animated video production process, considering the market, competitors, target audience, the client's business goals, and post-production opportunities for your brand promotion.

FAQ about fintech explainer videos

How can I use an animated video in the fintech industry?

Many financial organizations use animated videos in social media content, online advertising, landing pages, and fintech app onboarding experience.

How much does it cost to produce an animated financial video?

The price for financial animated video production varies depending on the client's requirements and needs. However, the cost usually starts at $2000.

Why are animated explainer videos so effective?

Animated explanatory videos are so useful because they can transfer even the most complicated information within several minutes. Moreover, they work as powerful attention-grabbers thanks to their fun and playful nature.

Introduce your fintech innovations in an animated video

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