4 Reasons to Use Animated Storytelling in Marketing

An animated video is an excellent way to tell the brand’s story and convey a marketing message even more creatively. Here, Explain Ninja team will uncover four reasons why animation appears to be so effective in marketing.

4 Reasons to Use Animated Storytelling in Marketing 20

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We love storytelling since childhood. Kids like to listen to amazing stories with surprising and exciting scenarios. Actually, all of us are like children. Most often, we would rather hear a story, or even better to watch it, than to read it. It works in marketing too. Creative storytelling is a fundamental part of effective marketing. However, if your story is animated, it engages even more.

In this article, our motion graphics team will consider 4 biggest reasons to use animated storytelling in marketing.

Reason #1. A Unique Animation Style Distinguishes a Brand Among Its Competitors

Including animated storytelling in our marketing strategy,  you offer your customers much more than your competitors. You deliver the uniqueness and a great style implemented in an exciting narrative experience.

Producing animation, designers follow their specific styles. That is why creating an animated video for business, you can be sure that the taste of originality will be provided by default. It adds even more value to your brand since customers love and recognize genuinely unique things.

You might be using a lot of traditional marketing techniques. But what if you try to refresh your marketing strategy with an engaging animated video that tells your brand’s story like a fantastic fairy tale? Storytelling through animation will introduce your products or services in a charismatic and unobtrusive way. Are you sure your competitors use this practice? Most likely, they don’t. Stay ahead of them with a heart-winning animation that increases customer loyalty.

4 Reasons to Use Animated Storytelling in Marketing 21

Reason #2. Animation Creates Strong Associations With a Brand

The hidden power of creative marketing animation storytelling lies in the ability to generate strong associations with a brand that delivered this piece of the content. It is one of the biggest benefits of n animated video for business. However, there is an even more incredible hack.

Using eye-catching and memorable visual storytelling animation, you can not only emphasize the customer’s existing associations but even instill new ones. In other words, animation empowers entrepreneurs to create a new brand perception in the customer’s minds.

Business owners may face the critical situations in which a brand gets negative customer feedback, or their brand image suffers from the unfair manipulations made by competitors. Over the years, these situations may stay in customer perception, even though the company provides services of the highest level. An animated video can help smooth such cases due to its incredible power to generate bright associations and make brand images stronger.

Reason #3.  Animation is Useful in Marketing Storytelling

Animated storytelling is a perfect tool for marketing storytelling because it gives a lot of freedom for improvisation. When promoting a product or service in an animated video, your imagination can fly high, and there are no limits. You can create a fantastic plot and make the products literally alive in the video. The animation opens up an opportunity to create visual effects that are not accessible in ordinary real-life videos.

The proverb says that “one picture is worth a thousand words.” Although at Explain Ninja, we believe that a moving picture is worth two thousand words. By using animation for storytelling, you can not only describe the product’s features, but also convey its mood and style. You can use a funny animated mascot to tell your product story. It helps engage customers and make them even more motivated to make a purchase.

Reason #4. Animation Transfers Emotions and Sets Warmer Relationships With a Target Audience

4 Reasons to Use Animated Storytelling in Marketing 22

Beautiful animation with an exciting plot can make a human even more sympathetic. Animation storytelling is a powerful way to transfer emotions because it usually tends to exaggerate feelings to make them visible in the video.

By producing an engaging animated video, you offer your customers a bonus – an emotional value. Making a purchase, we are often driven by emotions. It is neither good nor bad, but just a fact. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs and marketing managers should take visual storytelling animation into account when creating a product strategy. Incorporating emotions in your marketing, you get more chances to convert more sales.

An animated video used in the promotion will help you increase the numbers of conversions. It is one of the best mediums for “emotional” marketing. It allows you to accompany customer experience with positive emotions and fun.

Closing Thoughts

Animated storytelling provides opportunities for an engaging game between the target audience and those who are behind a brand name. Decoding associations, symbols, and cultural codes in visual storytelling animation, customers will get great satisfaction and feel more loyal to your brand. At Explain Ninja, we believe that animation is a powerful tool for creative storytelling that can reinforce your marketing strategy and bring even better results for the business.

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