Video Distribution: Ways to Distribute Your Content

Find out the best channels to distribute your video content: from your website and up to streaming platforms. Read on and make your videos work for your success.

Video Distribution: Ways to Distribute Your Content 20
Illustration by Dzmitry Kazak for Fireart Studio

In 2021, 60% of companies use video for promotion. Furthermore, 74% of them confess that videos have a higher ROI than static images. However, suppose you still ignore this type of content. Well, in that case, you need to pay attention to it: video content can make your brand more popular, improve conversion rate and build stable and loyal relations with your customers.

The play button is the most compelling call-to-action

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Indeed, when you tap on a play button, you expect to see something more attractive than ‘Buy now’ words. You expect to see a story that will explain the benefits of your business or a story that will help you understand how this company can solve your problem.

However, creating a video is just a part of the job. Even the most sophisticated explainer video company will bring no result if you don’t use it properly. Website, blog, landing pages, social networks – each of the video distribution channels have their advantages and goals, and we’re going to describe all of them in this article.

Additionally, we will discuss the technologies that help distribute videos and analyze the process of producing a video that gets millions of likes.

Why Do You Need Video Marketing Distribution?

Did you know that an average internet user spends over 100 minutes per day watching online videos? 75% of them do it using mobile phones. If you still do not use video marketing, you lose many prospective clients who may love your brand after watching a 30-second explainer video.

Gone are the days when video content was about placing ads on TV. With the rise of the Internet, the number of video distribution platforms increased significantly. Currently, every business can place an ad online and get more clients spending less money. Therefore, it is important to add videos to different channels as in this way you can reach a bigger audience and bring your idea to the users that you can hardly attract somewhere else.

There is an old saying, never put all your eggs in the same basket. It can easily be applied to video content. Let’s imagine the situation when you create 20 videos and upload them to one landing page, you will get unexpected results, and they won’t be positive. But if you upload these 20 videos to 20 different landing pages targeted on different segments, the number of your clients will grow!

Online Video Distribution

Any video distribution platform has its benefits and reasons to place your video over there. We will analyze the most popular platforms that you can use now to upload your video and improve business stats.

First, we will tell you how to use your owned services to make use of video content. For many businesses, even adding a video to the main page can reflect income growth.


We all know: when we plan to make a purchase, we first go to the company website. A website is an online representation of the whole business. Therefore, companies struggle to create beautiful and powerful sites containing key information and help users make the right decision. 

We also know that Internet users do not want to spend hours reading descriptions, manuals, and guides. They want to get all information quickly, including product details and how-to-use-this-service instructions. They would rather watch animation storyboarding video than read FAQs. 

Video content is a great tool to demonstrate to your visitors the key points of your company and do it in the most captivating form. You can choose an animated video, live-action, 3d or 2d illustration. Everything depends on your goals!


A blog is one of the channels where users actually read information. But it does not mean that you cannot use it for video content distribution. In a blog, video can perform the following functions:

  • Diversify content
  • Support the ideas you present in the article
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the products in the promotional articles
  • Engage users with an unusual form 
  • Improve ranking in search engines

We’re sure you would like to know more about how video can improve your ranking in search engines, as this function is not obvious unless you are a marketer. However, studies demonstrate impressive results: when you add a video to a blog, it increases the chance to get to the first page of the search engine by 53x!

Landing Pages

Words are not always enough to demonstrate how great your product or service is. Static images show only some small details, but you want to make it big, and video can help you with that. Video will work effectively if you want:

  • Promote your products to the new visitors who just landed on your page
  • Describe the benefits of becoming your client
  • Explain how to use product or service features

Of course, the video that you embed into your landing page must differ according to the goals you pursue (and the goals of the landing page). For example, if it is a landing page for new clients who land here by clicking an ad, you need to show why the user needs this product or service and how it can help in solving problems. 

And the most important thing: landing pages with a video have 86% higher conversion rates! So here it is: you create a 30-second explainer video, upload it to your new landing page, add some images and texts, and enjoy the results. 


If you want to improve the click-through rate of your emails by 96%, use emails for online video distribution. Even emails are now a platform for video content marketing. So if you follow an email marketing strategy, update it with video content.

In emails, you can use different types of video content: promotional, informational, educational, etc. Our recommendation is to select videos that support your email communication.

Social Video Distribution

Video Distribution: Ways to Distribute Your Content 21
Illustration by Dzmitry Kazak for Fireart Studio

You do not need to pay for uploading your videos on different platforms. Social networks are free video distribution channels where anyone can make their brand visible with an interesting idea wrapped in a beautiful animated video.

Just imagine: Youtube has 2.3 billion users worldwide each month. It means that when you upload your video on Youtube, you get a chance to reach 1/3 of the world population! Of course, you don’t need all these people, but you need at least some of them, right?


Twitter has always been a platform of 140 symbols. However, now this number has increased up to 280. But let’s be honest: it’s not enough when you have something to explain.

The limited number of symbols for the message makes Twitter one of the most complicated channels for promotion. However, who needs symbols when you have a video that can explain everything with 0 symbols? Twitter allows embedding videos in the post, making it a great video distribution network with a huge audience.


Instagram started as a social network where users shared their photos with the world. But today, Instagram pages of companies are not about photos: they are about strong brands. And creating a strong brand is now impossible without shooting great videos.

In Instagram, you can add videos as your posts or to the stories. Moreover, you can upload up to 60 minutes! A video up to 60-second length will be added in the full size to your page, and longer videos will be added to IGTV. However, we recommend you to create less than 60 seconds videos as Instagram users prefer to consume informative content. Also, you can use video ads to promote your content across Instagram. 

Instagram should be included in the list of the best video distribution platforms. The number of users is impressive, you can collaborate with influencers right on the platform, and you can even use UGC (user-generated content) for everyday stories!


We have already mentioned Youtube in our article, but we’re sure: this video marketing distribution platform is the best one for today, and it deserves our precise attention.

First of all, this is a social network that means that millions of users can find your video. Also, you can use targeted advertising and, in this way, attract the audience that you really need.

Secondly, you can use Youtube as hosting for your videos. Unlike Instagram, you can upload videos of any length and use them to reach your goals.

Finally, you can monetize your channel and make your videos an additional source of income for your business.

Of course, you can also distribute videos on websites like Youtube. They are also great when it comes to video distribution. 


Facebook has about 2.85 billion users, and its number is permanently growing. The biggest part of your clients use Facebook, and if you want to communicate with them on your business page, you can do that with the help of the video.  

You can use videos on Facebook to attract new players, and also you can run promos.

Of course, you should not post videos every single day. Moreover, if you do that, you won’t have a wow-effect. Instead, your users will get used to videos and scroll them likeOf course, everything scrolling plain texts. Therefore, we recommend posting videos on Facebook from time to time.

The most common video distribution technologies

In addition to online video distribution channels, you also need to understand video distribution technologies. Here are three most popular of them:

  • Unicast – is used to send videos from one server to another recipient.
  • Cashing – is used to store videos on different servers.
  • Multicast – is used for streaming live videos.

Also, for a marketer or a business owner who wants to boost video marketing, it’s important to know that there are different paid video distribution platforms. And to be honest – they are pretty effective.

Advertisement campaigns

We have already mentioned in our article that you can use videos in ads. So let’s clarify this point. Ads are available on different social media platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube). But by setting correct targeting parameters, creating a captivating video and choosing the right time to show it, you can attract a new audience to your product or service.

Cooperation with influencers

Social networks are the place where influences can make the success of your business. If bloggers mentioned your brand in their stories, be sure the success is inevitable.

Make Good Quality Video to Get Your Content Views

Now you know all popular channels and technologies you may use for content distribution. From the first glance, it seems that now you can upload any video and become successful. However, it does not work like that.

Depending on the goals of any channel, you need to create a video that will help you reach estimated indicators. In some cases, a business may already have videos that can be effectively used for that, but in most cases, you need to spend some more time on creating video content that your audience will love.

Create videos that help to solve problems

Your product is the best on the market. But you do not need to tell your customers about that. Moreover, you do not need to say that you have reasonable prices or high quality. In the modern world, clients expect high quality for a reasonable price. Moreover, ‘high quality’ does not mean anything for them.

In your videos, you should demonstrate the benefits of your product or service in a slightly different way. For example, show viewers can solve problems with your product or service!

For example, you may say that you sell high-quality chairs for a reasonable price. But you can also demonstrate a person who has broken his old chair and now is looking for something that will suit the design of his apartment. And he finds it on your website!

Make educational videos

For many of us, when you install a new app and do not understand what to do next is a nightmare (especially if this is a banking or insurance app!). So if you have an app or service or complex product and many users have problems with its usage, create a video!

Before making it, it’s better to conduct research and ask your users what exactly spoils their experience and what pains they have with your products. Then, you get a scope of ideas to put into a video when you get the answers.

For educational videos, it’s important to create a detailed script where you will cover all important aspects. Remember, that video – it’s more than just beautiful moving pictures. You will also need a voiceover and sounds.

Quality is the key to success

Everyone loves to watch beautiful videos. But not everyone knows how much time and effort it takes to create one. Sometimes, you even need to hire a video production company to succeed.

The process always starts with an idea. If you have none, your video has no sense. But if you have an idea, you need to wrap it into a story and create a video script. At this stage, it’s important to think about the general impression the video should create.

Next, you need to create a storyboard: decide on the type of animation you will use and make drafts of the scenes. When you have a detailed storyboard, everyone in the team knows how the video will look in the end. Besides, you can estimate the time you need for production, as well as costs.

Of course, a video cannot exist without images. This is a production stage: the artists put ideas into visual forms. 

Sounds are also important for the video. Sometimes, you can use some free sounds. In some cases, you need to create special sounds for your video. The main thing is that they need to be complementary to the whole story.


No one will deny that video marketing is one of the most captivating and effective tools for marketing. With the help of video, a company easily can:

  • demonstrate the benefits
  • promote new features or products
  • explain how to use features or products

Additionally, videos can be used to build loyalty with existing clients and engage them even more.

In this article, we concluded that it is important to distribute videos via different channels, as the audiences are different, and you can attract new clients by using more platforms.

You can do all the distribution things on your own, but we’re sure that now you think: Where to get a video that will get more likes? The answer is simple. Ask Explain Ninja.

We at Explain Ninja create different types of animated videos. We use different technologies, like 2d and 3d videos, hand-drawn videos, and many others. Moreover, we can help you with the pre-production and post-production, and if you need a professional voiceover, we’re also here to help you!

Feel free to contact us. Let’s create some great videos

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