The 5 Most Wanted Types of Graphic Design Styles

There are numerous types of graphic design styles, and they may differ both in tasks and in the necessary knowledge, and skills to implement for creation. Beginners brand video production company need to work with photos, video, audio, illustrations first. Professionals should master their knowledge to always stay in trend.

The 5 Most Wanted Types of Graphic Design Styles 20
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Anyway, you will need an understanding of the basics of marketing, directing, printing, and technological processes to succeed. Apply for professional software or use someone else’s design expertise. But mind that each area has its specifics & trends, so the emphasis & approach will always differ.

What is Graphic Design?

Before the key types of graphic design emerge in something we know today, graphic design as a discipline has passed a long way.

Graphic design is a way to convey an idea, create meaning, value through images, video, fonts, and other means of visual communication.

Today, Graphic design is a broad field of activity that includes many directions. It is challenging to study the entire volume quickly, and specialists of rather narrow expertise are needed in the modern design industry. Nowadays, designers with one or two narrow specializations who master certain design techniques seek to solve the key product design tasks.

The Evolution of the Discipline of Graphic Design

A variety of design types requires many narrow specialists who can solve communication problems in certain ways. This area of activity is constantly evolving and directly depends on the latest developments in digital devices and software.

The first mentioning of the types of graphic arts may be considered rock paintings of ancient people.

Then came printing, and during the industrial revolution, new typography technologies emerged. However, the founders of modern graphic design art are the Wiener Werkstatte members, founded in 1903 by the artist Koloman Moser, the banker Fritz Waerndorfer and the architect Josef Hoffmann.

The next breakthrough in graphic design is associated with the advent of digital devices. Photoshop was created in 1990, then other basic agi programs appeared, thanks to which graphic design became accessible to the general public. 

There is not a single area where the work of a graphic designer would not be used.

Which type of graphic design is for you?

There are many different types of graphic design branches. Each has specifics and the most popular pieces, as well as misconceptions. Below you will find about seven of them. Enjoy it!

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1)   Branding

Identity is a set of brand features that make it recognizable by different channels of perception. It is often confused with corporate brand identity. But it is only an integral graphic part of it. In addition to corporate identity design, it includes the name, slogan, brand book, company principles, and the message, etc. Branding design allows to creation in a single recognizable style:

  • logos;
  • business cards;
  • forms;
  • packaging;
  • emails;
  • price tags;
  • showcases;
  • websites,
  • blogs, etc.

By creating a visual representation of the brand, the corporate style and identity designer influences the associations, triggers consumer feelings, attracts a specific culture of life, and so much more. Often Logo Design Companies are sought after for branding solutions.

The 5 Most Wanted Types of Graphic Design Styles 21
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2)   UX/UI design

One of the most promising areas in the list of kinds of graphic design is the design of user interfaces for digital product design. The UX/UI designer job is in high demand and well paid nowadays. Two components here:

  • UX /User Experience – what impressions will a person receive when interacting with the interface?
  • UI /User Interface – the appearance and properties of the interface, its convenience for getting that UX.

The graphic UI/UX design objects are mainly websites and mobile devices. A narrower area of ​​this specialization is called web design, where specialists are primarily engaged in designing Internet pages.

The 5 Most Wanted Types of Graphic Design Styles 22
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3)   Package design

An attractively designed product encourages purchase. The designer makes the packaging interesting, recognizable, and harmonious. Take into account brand features, basic information about the product, desires, and pains of potential buyers.

Properly built top-notch packaging design distinguishes products from competitors, encourages customers to trust the brand. It is also important to keep originality to avoid possible market failures fakes. Packaging design development includes the following steps:

  • market analysis;
  • coming up with an unusual concept;
  • development of several options;
  • selection and refinement of one of the layouts;
  • preparation for printing, etc.

The environmental design is in demand, and there is a tendency for it to transform.  So, great and catchy designs are needed there too. The designer must develop a marketing strategy, think about where and how to place the logo, what color scheme to choose, fonts, and so much more!

4)   Motion design

Motion design is a visual design that brings ordinary pictures to life via storytelling.

Animated graphics quickly convey a thought to a person, reveal complex ideas and concepts in a short explainer video, catchy clips, videos for YouTube, and hold attention for a long time.

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Examples of this type of graphic design can be seen on television, advertising, media, video games, mobile applications.

Motion designers visualize abstract ideas and provide data visualization through various effects & animation techniques. Designers may process pictures, animation, scripts, audio, voiceovers, and graphics. Such videos do not reveal the plot, but they attract attention and encourage them to take targeted action. Motion design tasks:

  • creating a harmonious composition;
  • artistic design of the text;
  • uncovering the color basics;
  • using basic tools – design programs for working with graphics, video, animation, etc.

A motion designer must, in addition to knowing graphic design, understand the basics of video production and related topics.

The 5 Most Wanted Types of Graphic Design Styles 23
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5)   Illustration

In some areas of graphic design, being able to draw is a must. This is how illustrators convey their vision through drawing. They face specific tasks, it remains only to achieve the business goals with the help of an invented image. Also, illustrations are photos, collages, or step-by-step infographic designs that convey the necessary information even without text. Here the most popular pieces will be:

  • ads;
  • digital illustrations;
  • magazine illustrations;
  • responsive infographic;
  • technical/scientific;
  • Fashion illustration, etc.

The illustrations are common in a variety of industries that is why designers need to understand the construction of the composition, working with color and perspective, and software. Knowledge of marketing, customer service skills are often in need. The tasks of graphic design in the field of illustrations are to depict the process, convey the mood, brand values, product quality or simply visualize.


Why do you need types of graphic design styles? -To clearly show customers what they will receive when buying a particular product, interacting with the brand and so much more. And digital products cannot exist without it.

Today, different graphic design styles are in demand in all fields of activity. It is impossible to imagine a store, an industrial enterprise, a beauty parlor, and even more websites without engaging graphic designs.

Since each area has its specifics & trends, the emphasis & approach always differ, apply for professional design services and use design expert help to design your products with exceptional beauty.

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