10 Creative Presentation Ideas

Focusing on impactful presentations in business can make a difference. They can add more power to your words and create a stronger image of you and your company. At Explain Ninja, we are professionals in creating videos and presentations, and we propose you a full-cycle video production. In this guide, we would like to share fun presentation ideas and explain why it is essential to pay no less attention to them than your rhetoric skills.

10 Creative Presentation Ideas 20
Illustration by Julia Hanke for Fireart Studio

Why Do You Need a Presentation?

Approximately 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created daily. But how many of these presentations are really effective?

In business, presentations inform or persuade internal and external audiences. They are an integral part of the sales process and communication. To have the desired effect, it is crucial to go beyond excellent public speaking skills. A robust digital presentation can significantly improve your performance.

Your slides tell your story. And people must listen to this story with enthusiasm and learn the message you want to convey. So let’s look at a few points that will shed light on this issue.

Your Company’s Brand Image

Presentations play an essential role in building business relationships. They help the audience perceive your company’s image. Therefore, it is vital to have cool presentation ideas to create a good and holistic first impression. The presentation, in this case, is a visual manifestation of your company’s image.

For example, you represent a business that deals with innovative branding. The very visual appearance of the presentation should complement this statement, and it will have a more substantial impact on the audience. The more confident and complete your presentation looks, the more seriously your audience will take your company.

Training and Motivation of Employees

Everyone who works with presentations knows that most are made for internal use. However, this is an effective tool for informing or motivating employees if it is attractive.

Employee efficiency and productivity are critical to achieving significant results. So it is essential to communicate the expectations and goals. Make sure your internal presentations keep the audience interested until the last minute; then, your staff will leave the meeting motivated.

Audience Engagement

People tend to get tired of listening to someone constantly talk. But professionally made and engaging presentations can play a crucial role in keeping the audience’s attention.

They can balance and connect the information with the visual elements. Use fun presentation ideas to create stories that will substantially affect listeners.

Flexibility in Delivering Information

If you are looking for a cheap and the most effective way to say something, presentations are an ideal option. The advantages are simplicity and flexibility. You can change the content to suit your needs and different audiences. There are different ways to present the same content, so you can always pick one that engages your teammates or clients the most. You can prepare infographics, embed video in PowerPoint, and integrate hyperlinks that bring an interactive part to your presentation.

Unlike print media, digital presentations are a good option for internal and external communication. You can turn to a creative digital agency to develop a convenient and effective presentation template and then modify the content to suit your goals. With a wide variety of cool ways to present a project, you can choose the most convenient or interactive one and go with the flow!

Accessible Communication Tool

A significant advantage of digital presentations is that they can be stored in the cloud and used in any convenient way: on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Therefore, it is ideal if your presentation is developed by professionals who will ensure its maximum adaptability to different devices.

Such multiplatform and simplicity increase your business operations’ overall efficiency and help achieve more significant results. In addition, the impact on the audience will grow if the design and content are consistent with your brand and respond to the listeners’ expectations.

So what can a professionally made presentation that effectively uses its strengths look like? First, let’s move on to examples of genuinely engaging ideas we have selected for you.

10 Unusual Ideas for Presentation

The presentation should demonstrate the speaker’s professionalism. At the same time, it helps strengthen the organization’s corporate image. But you already know that advanced animation technique can be fun and have your corporate colors in it. So it’s vital to find a balance, making it both informative and engaging. So, let’s find out how to make a presentation creative!

This is an unusual approach that catches the eye. The visual is intertwined with the text and enhances the effect of what is said. In this example, the dating words from the dictionary of adolescents experiencing puberty, combined with the right fonts, encourage associations with specific situations. This approach can impress your audience.

Use Vintage

Other creative ideas for presentation are vintage visuals. It doesn’t have to be a presentation on a historical topic, but such a fun approach must coincide with the theme of your speech. You can use vintage typography and appropriate vintage colors, old photos, and more.

Сrafty and Ripped Paper Elements

Visual details are also part of the story you tell and create the appropriate mood. Torn paper and other elements of a handmade collage can give the presentation a unique feeling of closeness and kindness. This visual style is unlikely to be suitable for corporate presentations but, in other cases, can have a positive effect on the audience.


Cut-out Paper and Collage

And the logical continuation is the use of images from cut paper. This technique is more elegant and allows a lot of variations for different audiences. Images, shapes, and letters can be cut out of paper. You will find many beautiful sets of cut-out elements on the Internet in PNG file format.

Surrealism is New Black

Surrealism in art originated in the early 20th century and worked with people’s subconscious. It might be a great source of ideas for presentation. It is unnecessary to use pictures of classics. Still, the same way to awaken the imagination of your listeners through unusual images will draw attention to the story.

Clay and Plasticine

Now let’s move on to videos and animations. One of the famous and still relevant tricks is clay animation. Clay is a suitable material that allows you to create anything, so your possibilities are endless. On the one hand, this technique is time-consuming, but you can turn to a professional animator and order high-quality animation.

A Single Scrolling Space

Professionals can create a presentation for you in the form of slides that scroll as a single space. All elements of such a presentation are combined and tell a whole and exciting story. As you scroll down, the information gradually fills each slide and allows the viewer to participate in the process.

Look at this example of a single scrolling space:

10 Creative Presentation Ideas 21

Motion Graphics

If you are presenting for a more restrained audience or a corporate client but still want a more energetic visual style, then animated graphics are a great choice. Such graphics do not necessarily tell a story but reflect a specific movement of your story. This approach will help make your presentation creative and more entertaining (or exciting) to follow.

Isometric Illustrations

If you are looking for an unusual way to illustrate your ideas, you can use isometric illustrations. This style explains complex things that can and should be divided into separate elements. Also, such images can be easily animated, which looks great. The plus of isometric illustration is that it fits perfectly into any presentation topic.

Take a look at this brilliant example of isometric illustrations which you can turn into good ideas for presentations.

10 Creative Presentation Ideas 22


Stop motion, like clay animation, takes time to make, but the result can be unforgettable. This technique allows you to play any situation with both characters and individual objects, and you can animate stop-motion text and titles. How your animation will look is ultimately determined by the theme of your presentation and the audience’s characteristics.

But fun presentation ideas are not a panacea for all problems. It is essential to understand that any tool has not only advantages but also disadvantages. You can achieve the desired effect when creating a presentation by considering them. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Pros and Cons of Presentation

The main advantage of using presentations is that images greatly enhance the key points of your speech. After all, humans get the most from visual data, especially when learning new information.

The main disadvantage is finding a balance between the visual component, the data, and your performance. It is essential to tell a holistic and fascinating story to make the right impression. You may have the best presentation ideas, but they simply wouldn’t fit the format of the meeting — you can’t overload your product presentation to a client with funny videos or inappropriate content. But let’s stop there and list all the possible pros and cons.

What Are the Pros of Presentations?

  • They are easy to download and use almost anywhere. Presentations are considered a standard tool in many areas. Apps for their production and playback support only a few common extensions that open on any device.
  • The presentation can be made interesting. Lots of factors can make your presentation boring: from the topic and poorly prepared information to lacking presentation skills. When creating a presentation, many tools can make it fun and save your audience. from boredom.
  • It’s easy to customize each slide. Using a template created by professional animators, you can easily customize each slide to suit your specific needs. But even if you build a presentation yourself from scratch, modern programs are intuitive and allow you to customize the slides according to your creative presentation ideas quickly.
  • This is a simple process of creating printed materials. Each slide, if professionally built, can be printed as a handout after the presentation. It can prove helpful if the participants are interested in the material and ask questions about specific slides.
  • A tool is available to most professionals. Most presentation programs are distributed by subscription and are open to everyone. You can also turn to professionals and order the perfect presentation from them at a reasonable market price.

What Are the Cons of Presentations?

  • There are always technical difficulties. No matter how simple and widespread, any technology can stop working correctly. Your computer may crash, and your software may crash. It’s essential to make a positive first impression of yourself in the first 10 seconds.
  • Too much information on slides can put the audience to sleep. Because programs have many options, you can easily add too many colors, animations, and sounds and turn cool presentation ideas into boring ones. Therefore, it is crucial to make slides easy and informative and not add too much text.
  • Presentations do not replace the one who presents. Many people rely entirely on the information on the slide, forgetting to build a holistic and exciting story from their speech. It is easy to rely on software and images and forget that there is still your speech, which is a more critical part of the presentation.
  • Listeners can switch from your presentation. If your slides are too detailed, participants may pay more attention to them than your story. Thus, you may find it challenging to formulate and deliver a call to action.

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Any presentation can turn into a fascinating story with careful planning. In addition, professionally created presentations help to get the most out of your speech, even when it comes to communication between the company’s departments.

Creative, cool presentations ideas will turn your performance into a captivating tale for those you want to present your business. With extensive experience creating animated videos for companies worldwide, we at Explain Ninja can offer you B2B Explainer Video to turn your listeners into new customers. Contact us with your ideas, and we will help your company stand out among others!

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