The 7 Steps in Animation Production

An explainer video production is a complex process that needs many steps in animation production,  interactions, and time for preliminary research. Driven by excellence and the desire to produce heart-stealing animation, at Explain Ninja, we perfected our methods of scriptwriting, storyboarding, designing, publishing animated steps, and we would like to share our knowledge of the production process video with you. 

In this article, our team will overview seven crucial video animation production steps to creating an outstanding explainer video that will help your business grow. Let’s start!

Step 1. Project Research

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We usually ask you about your business needs and objectives at this stage of video animation production. Why do you need this video, and how (and where) do you plan to use it? What is the mood of the future video, formal or informal? We also try to figure out what type of animated video you need: an explainer video, an app or extension video, or a screencast.

Our motion designers will ask you about your main competitors and brands that are role models for you regarding their video marketing or the overall online presentation or animation video production. It will help us shape a clearer understanding of your needs and preferences. 

Step 2. Scriptwriting

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A well-performing video should have a well-thought script. The beauty of animation may be shaded if a script is not good. It is the foundation of a successive video that converts sales and leads. To keep the viewer’s attention for a long time is a challenging task, that is why we should do our best to shape a clear message and transfer it creatively. 

Our specialists can create an engaging script for your video. However, you can write it on your own, and we can optimize it for the best results. 

Step 3. Storyboarding

At this stage, we create sketches of illustrations that will be used in a video and discuss them with a client. The storyboarding process is critical since it helps us understand if your expectations regarding a style and look of the visuals fit what we have produced. 

Storyboarding helps identify and eliminate the infelicities of the concept and visuals so we can complete a video more quickly and qualitatively without conducting further revisions when the video is already produced. 

We research the optimal video length for your particular case and carefully count the desirable number that will constitute a voice story for your video. 

In this step, our animation team will collaborate with you on designing characters that will act in the video. 

Step 4. Voice-Recording 

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Almost every professional explainer video comes with the voiceover. We can help you pick the voice that will fit the best to the mood and style of your explainer video. If your project has particular requirements for the voiceover, our explainer video production agency can search for and provide you with the right voice artist from our creative network.

 After you approve the script and a storyboard, the actor can start doing the job and finish voice recording in a reasonable amount of time (usually within 24 hours). After the video material is ready, an audio track is created. A professional announcer reads the voice-over text, and an audio editing specialist processes the sound and selects the musical accompaniment.

Step 5. Video Production 

After a storyboard and voiceover are completed, we start creating the first draft video in the process of animation production. When illustrations go alive and turn in to the eye-catching animated video, we share it with you. It is time to make suggestions and comments on the outcome so as we can improve the video to make it even more suitable for your business. At the final stage, video and audio editing, color correction, and logo animation may be created, and graphics and special effects are superimposed, etc.

Step 6. Sound and Music Effects 

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When our designers and editors make all the needed revisions and improvements, our sound designer starts creating audio effects to make your video even more immersive and memorable. 

He chooses the most exciting sound effects and engaging explainer video music that maintains an animation’s general style and mood. The impressive audio helps maximize the retention rate and raise the audience’s interest during animated video production

Step 7. Delivery, Publishing & Marketing

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Before a client gives the final approval of our work, we deliver the best quality video in different sizes of resolutions. If needed, we can also provide you with actionable explainer video marketing tips that will help your video rank better on YouTube or any other platform. Our experts can recommend the best analytics tools to monitor audience engagement.

Final Thoughts

The explainer video production process needs both sides, an animation production company, and a client to be involved in steps of animation creation. Active collaboration and communication between the company and the client is vital for successful process animation and video creation.

Preliminary project research matters much since it dictates the right direction of the further process, including conceptualization, scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover, music production, and crafting a video itself. We hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of our process of animation and the animation steps. 

Do not forget about the ways to promote a video. They should be considered in advance. The placement channel plays an important role. TV, social networks, your business channel, website, or commercials are possible mediums to post and promote your explainer videos. Also, consider the most extensive video hosting sites like YouTube. Contact us in case you need some assistance.

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