10 World’s Most Controversial Commercials Videos Ever

You may find many incredible videos ever shot for advertising, which are nowadays the most shocking advertisements or controversial commercials ever made in video marketing history.

10 World’s Most Controversial Commercials Videos Ever 20
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Despite the controversy when controversial videos were made, they caused stir, shocked, and nevertheless manifested steady trends. They also greatly affected what many advertisers do with their controversial commercials, explainer videos, or any other video ads even today. Here are about 6 of the most disputable controversial advertising videos made for your review. Among them there are also some recent controversial ads 2023.

1. McDonald’s: Filet-O-Fish

McDonald’s removed the Filet-O-Fish from its menus in the United States on September 26, 1996, though, the ad in question made it possible to get the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish jingle stuck in your head forever. And all due to their creative and most controversial music video that has made a great splash.

 Luckily, you may still find that is “Give me back that FiletOFish” video on YouTube and get stuck altogether.

Source: YouTube

2. Nike – Just Do It ft Colin Kaepernick

 No comment. Just watch it. You have to see it for yourself.

Source: The Guardian, YouTube

3. Protein World: ‘Are you beach body ready?’

When A Protein World advert displayed it in public, they received a variety of reactions, from the most toxic to the most grateful. How’s that? A seemingly regular video with training girls depicted nearly appeared to be among the most scandalous videos and all due to that wordplay.

Source: Protein World, YouTube

4. Spanish Mother’s Day Commercial by Desigual

Another mess-up brand that added to the most controversial commercials ever. You may watch a review on YouTube. Tell us what you think.

Source: b/60, YouTube

5. Miracle Mattress – 9/11 Twin Offer

One of the tasteless commercials from a local reseller was accused of referring to A Twin Tower tragedy. Another example of how you shouldn’t do it. This most controversial commercial of all time was released on Facebook but soon removed with official apologies from the company officials.

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube

6. Pepsi – Live For Now

One of the most controversial commercials ever was ‘panned for minimizing Black Lives Matter and the Women’s March with adopted (and watered down) imagery and themes. The ad includes a momentary image of a pair of LGBT individuals.’ Besides, it features Kendall Jenner handing a can of Pepsi to a police officer in the background of massive protests. Have a glance and read the full description here:

Source: YouTube

7. Edeka Christmas Commercial

The German supermarket chain, Edeka released the most controversial commercials for Christmas admitted to being heartbreaking, changing, and depressing. Nontrivial vision, however, was perceived by the public controversially. Here’s a controversial marketing examples review:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube

8. Bud Light

We’d raise a glass to Bud Light’s surprisingly mellow commercial this year, in which Miles Teller, an actor, and Keleigh Sperry Teller, his real-life wife, danced erratically to hold music while on a protracted customer service call. Insofar as being placed on wait for protracted periods frequently causes me to want to drink in the middle of the afternoon, the advertisement was charming, humorous, and realistic.

Source: https://slate.com/

9. Crown Royal

Another sample among the provocative commercials – Crown Royal. For pulling off that rarest of cultural products—a Super Bowl advertisement that is genuinely educational—Canadian whisky that, for some reason, comes in a purple bag. In the advertisement, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters could be seen rambling off facts about Canada while seated in a recording studio.

10. Tubi Rabbit Hole 

The purpose of this third-tier streamer’s Super Bowl advertisements was therefore to raise awareness of its existence. One streaming service, please. I doubt it was Tubi, though. Of course, it wasn’t; nobody names “Tubi” as a streaming provider when prompted.

What Can These Case Studies Teach Brands?

Even the most tolerant brands sometimes go over the edge of decency in their promotion campaign. And they may immediately receive well-deserved accusations of sexism, racism, rejection, and other issues that may affect their reputation so that they won’t save it in the end. Despite the fact, is that a deliberate provocation, a banal fuck up, or maybe a well-thought PR maneuver for controversial advertisements 2023?

No one knows for sure about provocative advertisements, but campaigns that violate the boundaries of morality often sound louder than the “correct” ones. That’s then only morals every brand may take out of those most controversial super bowl commercials, video bloopers by worldwide fashion brands, or whoever.

For any video maker, it’s vital to preserve common sense, avoid risks and meet a thing line between provocation and boldness not to be expelled from advertising sites in disgrace and win over the right for future creative provocations via most controversial videos.

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For keeping a thing line between controversy and an openly adverse public reaction to advertising, it is better to keep it under control of controversial marketing campaigns 2023. There have been many cases of poor video production that led to the disruption of global marketing projects and the loss of consumer confidence in the brand. The editors may be forced to stop broadcasting videos and ads after criticizing the media and Internet users or worse. So, stay ahead of time but never out of space in video marketing, co-work with discreet professionals, and produce high-quality commercials that are impressive but not offensive. Find more about our prices to create your best videos for marketing.

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