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Like any other advertising method business video marketing requires research: what is attractive to the audience, what they know about your business, how you may provide your services and show your professionalism, etc. Which particular videos will be helpful in business, and what are their features? Let’s check it out.

What Videos to Shoot in 2024: A Business Guide | Explain Ninja 20
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Businesses video types to create for 2024

The genre of your business’s video depends on where you will place and distribute your video ideas. The most popular video posting platform in 2024 remains YouTube. The success of the campaign is more likely to depend on the target audience analysis, your business goals, and financial resources.

But still, you are not limited to it because you may use multiple channels (your blog, social media accounts, etc.) And the content variety plays an important role. Here you will have plenty of genres (video types) to choose from:

1.     Video explainers

Video explainers are gaining momentum. They are a fast and easy way to convey any information, because you may explain anything related to your business. The price varies but this is the most up-to-date genre to try at any cost.

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2.     Video presentations

Video presentations will allow you to demonstrate exactly how a new product eliminates the pain of a client, your Unique Selling Proposition, and to differentiate yourself from competitors. The price may be high, but it’s worth it.

3.     Video reviews

Not only is the Unique Selling Proposition considered here, as in the case with the video presentations. In the video review, the product may be observed in all the details (functions, properties, methods of application, extensions, etc.). Shoot nice video reviews or swatches of anything you think is interesting to your users.

The reviewer may be a CEO, a guest-starred actor/actress, a company employee, or a visiting expert, etc.

4.     Video tutorials

Video tutorials or instructions may increase your brand loyalty like no other video. This is a simple way to show your clients that you care about them. At the same time, instructions are not always needed only for high-tech products. Maybe your client does not know how to use your application correctly, or problems are opening the package or something else. You should have a video response ready at hand.

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5.     Interviews

This is the most difficult and quite a specific genre if you don’t have a journalistic talent, but also a great way to show that you are willing to learn from other people to improve your services and products, or to reimagine your experience with experts from other industries.

Then the price will depend on the production level.

6.     Lifehacks

Life hacks are a subgenre of training videos. These videos usually provide small or extraordinary tips to make life easier. But be careful, you shouldn’t shoot a life hack on how to save on product design if you provide product design services. What’s the point then? This means that this video type won’t just do for any industry niche.

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7.     TOPs

You may shoot something like ‘Top 10 product design mistakes’ to show how to avoid them and how you’re making progress. This is especially useful for service providers.

In addition to product selections and remorse for mistakes, audiences may be good at reviewing trends and anti-trends in your industry, etc.

8.     News

News videos format for small businesses has two purposes: to show that you are following the news and to tell about your brand in the meantime. The first will lead viewers to the conclusion – if you follow them, you know all the new technologies, the peculiarities of the work of search engine algorithms, or tricks about updates in a well-known online service.

The second is more about how to show your development. This may replace press releases or other pr activities.

9.     Entertainment videos

If your niche is the entertainment industry, then purely entertaining content is something you can afford. If not – you still should solve clients’ problems while having fun with them. And if you shoot a video with random characters or a punch and launch a viral ad campaign, it may bring millions of views and increase brand awareness.

10.  Showreels

This genre is primarily associated with the creation of portfolios for actors, directors, and video productions. A selection of the best moments from several videos is collected in a small video without extraordinary voice acting (background music will do).

What Videos to Shoot in 2024: A Business Guide | Explain Ninja 21
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Concerning video marketing for business, you may also assemble a digest of past conferences, reporting events, achievements for the year, or any other information about the company in this way.


The most popular video posting platform in 2024 remains YouTube. Whether you post a video on a brand channel and promote it, or shoot a video for advertising integration on third-party channels, you still need competent, professional content for video marketing for business. You may choose any genre above or invent some of your own and achieve a good result. If you need some help, we’re at hand. Contact us!

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