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Lead Generation Trends Review for 2024| Explain Ninja 20
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In 2024, it will be even more challenging to reach out to potential customers because the flow of information has increased many times over. Even if your customers still click on your ads and get to your site, you’ll need to do everything to ensure that they stay and take the desired action – purchase your product. To adjust better to your customer selectivity in a highly changeable business environment, learn lead generation trends to prevail in 2024.

Unlike lead generation trends 2024, today’s tendencies differ and will not be influential for all industries. Nevertheless, some of them remain hot and are considered timeless in terms of their effectiveness to any business at all times. Check them out.

Great Usability

UX has always been one of the universal components to impact your business sustainability. And, yes, your website usability is still a trend. Therefore, today’s usability comes to the forefront:  it is logical that for a potential client to stay on the website, it must be user-friendly to ensure a great customer experience.

Not all companies, for some reason, follow this simple rule. Their products’ incomprehensible navigation system, aggressive pop-ups, and non-clickable buttons – all this kills a good impression of their product. In such a situation, the client will not have any motivation to leave his data.

Apply only principles of user-centric design with your business products.

 Useful content

Content comes first. This rule is now true for all internet marketing activities. Add explainer videos to your site to make your content more diverse and engaging. This could include instructions for your product, atmospheric team interviews, customer stories, etc. You can also use storytelling. A well-told story that can evoke emotions in a person almost always works better than a dry listing of facts.


Yes, the customer has not yet become your client, and you know almost nothing about them. But you can make them feel your care and attention already at a starting communication stage through personalization. Tell them exactly how your product may help the client. Show that you understand their needs. Share customer stories in a way that the person may associate with them.

Create personalized mobile apps and other products to make sure your audience feels special.

Lead gen for various product types

Not all features of lead generation may be helpful in different areas of business. Lead generation of clients and warm-up activities may differ. 

For online stores, the most important metric is purchase conversion. Therefore, you need to focus on the convenience of finding products and placing orders.

For useful software and subscription services, the main thing is registration. Here it is essential to make sure that the client understands the benefits. Offer a trial period and teach them how to use the service. 

In B2B, contacts come first. Here, deals are formed for a long time, and much time may pass from the first touch to the purchase. Offer the person a free benefit:

  • An audit of the current situation in their business
  • A recording of a professional conference
  • A market research

So people will be more willing to share their contacts.

Anyway, to motivate people to leave a request on the website, you first need to bring them here. Which lead generation channels are still to be used? 

  • SEO-promotion
  • Targeted advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Guest posting
  • Email marketing
  • And others

We should also talk about CPA networks. These are services where a company may order traffic to its website or immediately get contacts of specific people interested in the product.

The advertisers post an advertising brief in the CPA network, where they describe the product and talk about what information and channels may or may not be used in advertising. Then the contractor independently attracts customers, and the customer receives leads and pays only for the result. This is a kind of turnkey lead generation you may try.

Advantages of Lead Generation

  • The effectiveness of advertising is easy to assess
  • Pay only for the result
  • Potential customers are interested in your product.

Disadvantages of Lead Generation

Often collecting leads means using an unnecessary link, which affects UX. For example, you want to sign up for a newsletter, and you are asked to leave a request so that they will call you back and help you choose a convenient category. Most likely, some people will fall off at this very stage, and simply because at the moment, they are uncomfortable talking on the phone or consider it ridiculous to discuss such things over the phone, etc. With an untrained sales force, conversion rates may lower. It is not enough to get leads. It is essential to warm them up and bring them to purchase through the funnel. This needs much effort and resources.

Besides, you have to measure your progress all the time. To measure it you have to set your goals SMART, which may also be challenging depending on your business specifics.

Video marketing as a new trend

Videos help generate leads for 83% of marketers, as web psychologists explain that the human brain is lazy and easier to process visual content than textual. That’s why video explainers are gaining momentum.

There are two ways to get leads via video: request contacts before watching it and offer to fill out a form after watching a video. Also, the video can be just one of the touches on the way to purchase.  That’s why the demand for video marketing, motion design, and video explainers’ production has dramatically risen of late.

A Case:

 Vidyard has divided its users viewing videos into two groups. The first group was shown a call for demo access after the video was watched, the second – wasn’t.

As a result, in the first group, the number of free trial registrations increased by 20%, which is quite natural.


So, following the lead generation trends 2024 and keeping in mind three universal things that always affect business, you will create the best conditions for the users to interact with your business.

Attracting leads is only the first stage of meeting a client. The next step is how you work with those leads if you get everything needed on your side. It is essential to organize a well though sales funnel and train your sales talents to handle all the incoming requests with high speed and quality. This is the only way to get results from lead generation trends in the future years. 

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