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Do you want to stay in the loop with the latest video content marketing trends 2024? We will help you accomplish it. Just continue reading and keep the trends presented below in mind for your future digital marketing.

Video Content Trends to Experiment With In 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
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We’re constantly learning new in marketing and advertising. However, there is always one truth that is always relevant: experimenting with content is worth taking risks. Experimentation with content types, formats and messages can lead to unexpected results that can drive online business performance and earn the consumer’s love. Since video is one of the most popular and favorite content types today, we would like to consider how brands can experiment with it. In this article, we are going to overview five extraordinary video types and how companies can use them in digital marketing. Are you ready to start?


Animated videos are one of the most impactful video marketing trends in 2024. Animation videos and explainers have been around for a long time, and they are still trendy and relevant today. Animated commercials perform better than live-motion videos because they offer a kind of art and entertainment like cartoons. They don’t limit the creators in expressing their ideas as you can draw, design, and animate virtually everything, any business concept, product or process. What is the most interesting about animated videos is that they acquire a more futuristic, minimalistic, and “rough” style this year. Traditional Disney’s animation is still loved and welcomed by modern consumers. However, they are even more excited with this fresh breeze in animation – abstract animated videos or videos with futuristic settings. 

Personalized Videos

Personalization matters even if it comes to video content. You may wonder how the video can be personalized? It is a reality, indeed. Facebook is the master of video personalization. A personalized video is a video that uses the same background for different users but what is subject to change is the heroes inside it. They usually look like photos or videos of real users that change according to whom the video is sent. 

For example, when watching the videos with the same backgrounds, one user can see his photo integrated inside the video, while another user will see his image instead. We can often see such videos on Facebook when a social giant wishes us a Happy Birthday or reminds about memories and events happened at the same date last year. Also, many brands use personalized videos in email marketing, their own platforms and digital tools.

Re-purposing and Cross-Posting

Videos are a relatively flexible content type that can be easily re-sized and re-purposed for different social media platforms. Today, we witness the rise of videos that disappear after several hours, like those on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok Stories. Imagine that you spend a few hours producing the video and, of course, it will perform well but only for a couple of hours. What to do next? You can make your video’s life longer by re-purposing it for different platforms. After adjusting the video for the sizes required by various social networks and platforms, you can post it simultaneously on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or even Vimeo. It will allow you to receive more traffic during the year. It’s an effective video marketing practice called cross-posting.

Live Videos

Live videos are another video marketing trend gaining momentum in 2024. Live video streaming is popular on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Now, we can also see them on LinkedIn. This feature had just appeared there a few months ago. Live videos allow brands and creators to interact with their followers and subscribers in online mode instantly. This kind of digital interaction helps set closer and more personal bonds with a target audience. It provides opportunities for followers to comment and receive immediate answers from the video streamer. Usually, companies stream live videos from events, real-time consultations with experts, online discussions, and podcasts.

Vertical Format

The vertical video format becomes even more popular along with the growing popularity of platforms like TikTok and Snapchat. Also, you need to have a video in a vertical format to post it as a Story on Instagram and Facebook. A significant advantage of a vertical video format is that it is well-adjusted for a mobile screen and provides excellent visibility of everything happening inside the video like you’re watching it in real life through the lens of your mobile phone camera. Vertical videos seem more immersive and exciting. In 2024, the vertical format has become so frequently used that it has shaped into an entire video content marketing trend. A great example is National Geographic which posts amazing vertical videos on its IGTV that generate millions of views

Wrapping Up

Content marketing is an encompassing strategy allowing brands to stand out on the web and build relationships with a target audience through engaging and relevant content. Like everything in this Universe, it constantly changes, transforms, and evolves into something even more fascinating. Video marketing is a huge piece of the content marketing pie, and it’s also affected by many digital changes and technologies. Keeping up with the latest video marketing trends allows you to be always well-informed about what performs best for modern consumers, integrate it into your marketing, and see how your online business grows and blossoms regardless of the current coronavirus recession and economic challenges.  

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