What is the Best Programming Language for Graphics?

What’s the best programming language for graphics is an excellent question. It’s always curious to discover which languages and graphic design courses graphic designers prefer while approaching their tasks.  It may be the creation of a game, challenge how to make your own animation, using free animation software for cartoons, or 3d graphics programming explainer videos. Below there are some of the most asked computer graphics programming questions with the answers.

What is the Best Programming Language for Graphics? 20
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What is the best programming language for graphics FAQs

So, answering a popular question like that: which language is the most suitable for computer graphics at computer graphics course like best programming language for GUI or any other may not be as straightforward as it needed, but here are a couple of nice ideas from the answers to the most common graphical programming languages queries.

#1 In general, what computer language would make it more suitable for computer graphics?

Of course, much depends on the project type and what you need to achieve at the end. Generally, what really matters is the libraries available for the language, not the graphic programming language itself.

Different graphics libraries use their own set of functions.

You may first practice writing graphics programs using fairly simple graphics.h library written for the C language, as a variant 3d programing. Having learned the basics of graphics programming in simple libraries, you may then easily switch to more complex libraries.


For those who are familiar with JavaScript, they may try NodeJS in combination with node-webkit. The latter allows you to program graphics for desktop applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and NodeJS API (read, write, etc.)

The computer graphics language determines what you are trying to do. So, when it comes to 3d, for example, Java has Java3D, which is an API, which is much easier for Object-oriented design.


However, if you’ve been working a lot in C # lately, take a look at Mono which is based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Runtime. It may come in handy as best visual programming language.

Another language + IDE you might want to try is Java + Netbeans, which offers the best GUI support in Java in terms of simplicity as it’s just drag and drop and there is an easy tutorial and so much more.

And the third option might be Python + PyQt, but that might be the most difficult solution as it will be implemented programmatically.

#2 Which language from C or Java would be more suitable for computer graphics?

Whereas C is a procedural, low-level, and compiled language, Java may be easier to learn and apply because it’s a high-level language. C, however may do more and perform faster because it’s closer to machine code, etc.


C and C++ languages are the most interesting because they are commonly the go-to graphical programming language for graphics rendering. They’re versatile, so, you may use C++ if you want to create low-end graphics too. Thus, creating basic shapes and words with stylish fonts, such as adding colors to them, may also be done using C++. That’s why it may be commonly associated as one of the best programming languages for computer graphics more than others.

However, C / C ++ has OpenGL, which is useful for things like 3D, which is much better with graphics and takes the least amount of time to render and load. Even though, it is much more difficult in coding because it is much more difficult. So, all’s good when ends well. It’s just wise to pick the language you know better to create graphics. More on Java vs. C++ here.

#3 What are the best programming languages for animation games?

Despite its high entry barrier, C++ is still one of the most popular and commonly used for game designers. Others are:

  • HTML5.
  • JavaScript.
  • Python.
  • UnrealScript.
  • Lua, etc.

Most Windows games are created in C ++ with DirectX


Using the robust Python libraries that are already available, Python enables us to develop animation visualization. A very well-liked data visualization library, Matplotlib is frequently used for graphical data representation as well as for animations using built-in functions.


The two best programming languages for graphic designers of games to learn are again C++ and Java, although other languages are also popular (such as C# for Unity). Another type of programming you may hear referred to is Scripting, but that essentially comes down to a type of systems programming.


A Rust-based OpenGL graphics library called rust-animation is used to build hardware-accelerated user interfaces. With inspiration from the GNOME Clutter project and Apple Core Animation, it is made to provide a straightforward animated user interface for embedded devices.

Keep in mind that rust-animation is still in its infancy, thus some features might be lacking and there might be problems. Please report any bugs you find.

#4 What is the best language for 2d and 3d animation on pc, web and mobile app?

The mobile use Android studio, Java, Kotlin. If you want to do 3D animation on iOS – Swift PC – Unity, Unreal will do.

The ActionScript programming language allows animation in web design, video games, web applications, desktop applications, and mobile. Sky’s the limit! The choice is yours as there are always plenty of the best programming languages for 3d graphics to pick from depending on the project type, your skills and other criteria.

#5 Which language is a kick-start for a fresher?

If you made up your mind to learn graphics programming for your projects you may start with learning OpenGL using C or C++. They are the most common, besides there are lots of various supporting materials online. And again it’s better to choose whatever fits you personally. A lot of data visualization languages may be used for graphics programming, especially when you’re just starting out.


Any visual element you put on the screen is fair game for OpenGL, whether it is to handle embedded video, generate vector graphics, or make UI animations more responsive. Developers must grasp how to take advantage of OpenGL’s amazing potential because it is becoming more and more commonplace.


CSS animations provide three major advantages over conventional script-driven animation methods: They are simple and don’t require JavaScript knowledge to make simple animations. Even with a moderate system load, the animations operate smoothly. Simple animations frequently don’t work well in JavaScript.

What if professional motion design is needed?

In this case feel free to choose from the 3d animation companies.  Many award-winning creative directors, animators, and producers are working there.  They are keen on choosing a tech stack for any project best programming language, and may hint at the best programming language choice for your 2d or 3d graphics or product animation video.  


Blender is primarily used to construct three-dimensional objects and situations using a 3D viewport and a collection of modeling tools that let users design any kind of object or situation they desire in 3D space.


What about GameMaker? A lot of the setup work is removed by using GameMaker. With more general-purpose 3D engines, you have to cram a lot of front-end work to set up the in-engine tools you need to start creating the type of game you want, sometimes choosing entire tool-set modes, etc.

Why is training important?

You can earn a graphic language by choosing online training or standard full-time courses quickly. Now on the Internet, you can find a lot of offers to learn the profession of a graphic designer from scratch.

However, you should take a responsible approach to choose a school, based on the presented program and the cost of the course. In addition to studying specialized courses that offer a ready-made education program, you can learn the profession yourself or take on an internship in motion graphic studios.

There are a large number of available thematic materials on the Internet, training videos, and sites that contain information about working in various design services and graphic editors, but the better way is always to learn from professionals.

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