Why an Animated Explainer Video Is The Best Sales & Marketing Tool for Saas Companies

Personalization has become one of the biggest trends spanning different industries and niches. When creating SaaS products, companies strive to make them as personalized and intuitive as possible. However, how to tell about the beauty of your software product to your potential customers? How to transfer the main idea about how this tool can help other businesses or individuals perform their tasks more easily than ever before, avoid a daily routine, and leave more time for creativity? 

All this magic is possible with a short animated explainer video. In this article, our team would like to outline how a single animated video can help SaaS companies engage their customers and boost conversions. So, let’s start!

Top 3 Benefits of an Animated Video for a SaaS Business

A short explainer video saves time and effort for sales managers

Why an Animated Explainer Video Is The Best Sales & Marketing Tool for Saas Companies 20
Illustration by Magda for Explain Ninja

We all are humans. Your sales reps aren’t an exception. Sometimes, we forget something, for example, some product features or advantages we had to promote to a potential customer. Regardless of the level of professionalism, it may happen to everyone. And you can’t guarantee that your prospect has completely understood what your product is about and how it can help him/her.

You should be aware that many businesses all over the world have already solved this issue with the help of short explainer videos they equipped their sales departments with. A single 1-minute video can be packed with more value than long explanations and promotional emails. It can describe your software product features (all of them!) and allure the customer’s mind with incredible product benefits in the shortest time possible. There is no need to spend long hours and a lot of effort on talks. This is the number one reason to augment your sales pitch with an explainer video

An animated explainer video ease your customer’s mind and transfer information in a simple way

We all are busy people. We understand the value of time. And most likely, we don’t like to wait too much. Business owners, managers, or whoever your customers are – all of them must have experienced the effect of “waiting” when they have been listening to sales pitches. 

They don’t like it when sales managers talk too much or switch their thoughts too quickly and inconsistently when talking about product features. Of course, it goes about junior sales. However, as we have mentioned above – we all are human and to make mistakes is natural to us. Even if you are a professional. However, your brand can look top-notch and perfect if you add an explainer video to your promotion. An explainer video leaves no place for any confusion with the information about a product if its’ created masterfully.  

A short explanatory video transfers all the information in an easy-to-digest format. If you deal with a pro explainer video production company, then it must create an explainer video that delivers all the sales pitch in a consistent manner, mentioning your customer problem in the beginning, introducing your product as a possible solution, describing all of its features, and how your potential customer can benefit from them.

An animated video helps you build a brand identity 

We all are visual creatures. We perceive 80% of information visually and keep things in our memory by sticking them to specific associations. Your branding style should be the biggest association with your company and its services (or products) in the consumer’s mind. That’s why investing your time and money in building a robust brand identity is so important. 

People should recognize your brand at a glance just seeing your logo, branding colors, or hearing your marketing jingle or moto. Is it a better way to promote all elements of your brand identity and raise brand awareness than using them in your next animated commercial or explainer video? You can include the animation with your logo, followed by your brand’s jingle in a video. Illustrators and video producers can even create characters that emphasize your brand’s distinctive character and make them of the same colors as your whole brand. You can create your own branded video content.

It’s Not The End but The Beginning

Probably, it’s the end of this brief explanation of why an animated video can be very helpful to your brand. However, it might also be the beginning of your new amazing project related to explainer video production that will bring your company more leads, attracts new audiences, and win the hearts of your next customers.

The animation is not only a flourishing digital trend that seems relevant to all the industries and businesses but also a beneficial tool that can help you communicate the most complicated ideas to your audience in an easiest-to-understand way and gain their loyalty to your company.

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