What Do You Need to Know about Explainer Videos

If you want to be clear for your customers and generate more leads you must create the explanation video about your business .Now we’ll answer the questions about this kind of advertising.

The definition of the “explainer video” is a short movie which presents your projects. You can show the whole process of production till its delivery. This genre becomes more popular as it allows to boost the conversion and leads generation more effectively than text or graphic content.

Their subdivision includes 4 kinds of video content. The first category supposes live action video. This genre is useful for companies who sell the physical goods or b2c services oriented for people. It creates the emotional connection between you and potential customers. The live action will show them the skills of your team without artificial heroes.

The professional video animation for business is oriented at the online services or non-physical objects. These can be software, operating systems, databases etc. The genre gives more space for creativity. However, its cost may be high due to using of expensive software complexes for its production.
If you find the low-cost method of ads production, choose the whiteboard explainer video. Such videos are drawn by hand and then erased on a special whiteboard. It’s easy and convenient for most of the customers.

And the last category is Kickstarter. Such video is obligatory for projects located at funding Kickstarter platform. They have no differences in comparison with other categories except its length.
This platform is the best way to learn the winning elements and script nuances which allowed the best explainer video to get the desired amount of money for the project.

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