The 6 Best Spots To Upload Your Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is a versatile way to promote products, services, ideas, and brands. Many forward-thinking businesses consider explainer videos as a creative approach to marketing and actively apply them in their strategies.

Do you have already produced an amazing explainer video but don’t know how to promote it and where to place it? In this article, our animation team is giving a helping hand suggesting you to consider these six video marketing practices.

Add Your Video to a Website

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Illustration by Lily

A website is the first place where a consumer goes after (or before) the first interaction with your product or service. It should also be the first place where you place your animated explainer video. The animation will provide them a summary of your brand and products.

The main task is to place it on the right webpage. Commonly, explainer videos perform the best if they are uploaded onto the company’s homepage. However, it is not the only great place for it. If it suits your website and business goals, you can place your explainer video on the “About Us” page or a product landing page. Uploading a relevant video on the webpage with the appropriate content, you can significantly improve your SEO.

Another helpful tip is to place a video above the fold of your website design. The animation will perform better if you don’t force a viewer to scroll a page to see a video.

Upload Your Video to YouTube

YouTube is too big to ignore it. It is the second biggest search engine after Google and definitely worthy of your attention. Uploading an explainer video to YouTube, you can showcase it to over 2 billion people all over the globe.

Before you place your video on YouTube, you should conduct keyword research and identify the most appropriate search queries that will find users to find your video. Instead of using common keyword search tools, use YouTube suggestions, an online extension TubeBuddy that is integrated with YouTube, or YouTube Cockpit. These tools are specifically adjusted to YouTube. 

Share Your Explainer Video With Your Email List

Very likely, you have already created an email list and probably even sent a least a few newsletters. Have you maybe also thought about how to improve your email campaign performance? An animated explainer video can be the answer. You can incorporate an animated video into your email to engage customers and get better results for your business.

The first hint to know about using an explainer video in an email campaign is that it is better not to embed a video right in the email. Otherwise, it may cause issues with the email since some email clients don’t support embedded video content in the letters.

The alternative for embedding a video is to place a static image with a Play button. Another option is to use a GIF file with a Play button. It will engage users and motivate them to watch a video even more. To make an eye-catching animated GIF, you should create a short clip that will make users interested in your content at a glance.

Promote Your Video on Social Media

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Illustration by Magda

Social media is an excellent place to share your explainer video with the world. According to recent studies, video content is 12 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other type. An appealing animated video shared with your followers on social networks will help spread the word about your company across a whole network. 

There are a few handy tips about social video content. First, you should know that social networking sites have algorithms that prioritize native video content. It happens to keep all the traffic on a social network instead of redirecting people to other platforms in case if a video from another site is shared on a social network. That is why we recommend uploading your video content directly on a social platform.

The next tip is to make sure that your animated video looks as amazing without sound as with it. Social networks play videos without sound automatically. That is why it’s better to make your animation look catchy from the first seconds or to use titers in the video.

Distribute Your Video on Quora

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Illustration by Julia Hanke

Quora may appear to be a great place to introduce your video to a large audience. The question-answer platform has a lot of conversations on various topics. All you need is just to find questions that are related to your niche.

You must be aware that Quora hates spammers and remove answers that look promotional. That is why you should try to use your animated video in the response very naturally. The answer should be relevant, bring value, and a video should be an additional organic content that helps to explain your solution better.

Promote Your Video Using Blogging Techniques

Have you been engaging your target audience and gathering an even bigger community by publishing articles on your company’s blog? It is time to make your subscribers familiar with an animated explainer video too! 

You can create articles on topics that are relevant to your video and use it in them to add more context and engagement to the article. You can also search for similar articles on the Internet, contact them, and suggest them to use your video as it perfectly suits their content.

Moreover, you can also try guest posting. Write articles, use your video inside, and submit this combined content to blogs and magazines in your niche. 


In this article, our animated explainer video production company has shared the top most important places to upload your explainer video to engage existing customers and attract even more new contacts. Hopefully, these ideas will help you make your video successful and very popular among your target audience.

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