6 Statistics That Show the Power of Onboarding Videos [2023]

The onboarding process is uber-important for a genuinely excellent user experience. It is a part of a product introduction to the end-user. Usually, it implies different types of content that help a user figure out how to use a product or software, what is its primary purpose, value, and essence. Brands often use written tutorials, videos, and animations to teach their customers how to make the most of their products.

Today, we are going to consider how your brand can benefit from employing the power of animated onboarding videos. In order not to sound unfounded, we have collected impressive statistics that prove that an animated explainer video is one of the best ways to convey information to a user creatively and intuitively. Let’s start!

91% of users watch a video to understand how to use a physical product

Imagine you have bought a cool coffeemaker from your beloved brand and can’t wait to unpack a box, to see it, and start immediately using it. Would you like to look fr a long written tutorial about how to switch it on/off, how to exploit it, and how not to damage it? Unlikely, it is your biggest desire at that moment.

The perfect solution for this case is to provide a quick video-tutorial that tells your customer how to use a product and gives a brief understanding of its main features. And what if to make it more engaging, memorable, and mood-setting? All these incredible characteristics can be gained thanks to a friendly and fun tone of animation.

74% of people watch a video to understand how to use a new app or website

Similar to physical products, digital software products, such as web platforms, websites, and mobile apps, can be well-explained in the creative animated tutorials. An explainer video is a particularly good solution for digital space because you can place it right near a product photo and a description at different stages of a customer journey, which are commonly related to specific web pages. You can tell about various product features step-by-step, on different pages accordingly.

A perfect example of an animated onboarding video for a software product is a video produced for Pipedrive by Explain Ninja.

No matter whether it’s a complex web solution for an enterprise, mobile application, or a complex website – your user will very likely need the help and guidance in using it. He or she may not know not only how to find the necessary information on a website, for example, but also be aware of existing of specific product features and functions. An animated onboarding video can entirely solve it and explain the user everything needed in an easy-to-digest manner.

97% of people think that video is a useful tool to welcome and educate new customers

It’s probably one of the most surprising statistics. Researchers have found out that even customers themselves believe that onboarding videos are beneficial for improving customer experience. They can significantly decrease customer dissatisfaction or disappointment and, on the contrary, add to product value, evoke user engagement, and increase customer retention.

An excellent example is a video provided by Asana for its users. Within 6 minutes, it breaks a product essence down into several simple steps and sophisticated features, briefly explain them and give a complete understanding of a concept. 

When a researcher asked people how companies can improve customer experience, 67% of them answered – just add more videos

People not only think that a video is a great onboarding tool, but they also ask companies to produce more videos. Customers find animations and video-tutorials especially useful during learning and share that they understand how to make the most from the product features if they are described and demonstrated in videos

Another great example is an explainer video produced by Apple Inc. It literally conveys the idea that sounds like “ why should you read how to use Apple if we can show it to you.” And it’s true – they have created a video that explains product features even more clearly than any written tutorial. Users can hold an Apple phone in hands and learn how to use it while watching this video at the same time.

65% of customers say a video is their favorite way to get to know how to use a product or service

The simple truth is that customers love videos. Every day and everywhere. We spend, on average, 16 hours per week watching video content. Customers may even prefer a product because it has an entertaining and easy-to-understand video explanation. When people are interacting with a product for the first time, they commonly try to understand how it works, looking for an appropriate video that can help them.

86% of video marketers say videos have been effective for generating leads, up another 2% from 2022 and up 5% since 2020. In addition, videos tend to get far more views and audience engagement than simple photo posts on social media.

In fact, social video is reported to generate 1200% more shares than any text and image content combined. And that’s why the viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video as compared to 10% when reading it in text. So, why videos is rather a rhetoric question.

Why videos?

Video has become one of the most versatile sales and marketing mediums for modern businesses today. It is also the most favorite type of product introduction and explanation of its features. Why? Because it is visual, entertaining, easy-to-digest, and memorable. They can help your brand present a product in an extremely creative way to the audience and help customers use it even more intuitively. 

The most statistics is provided by Wyzowl.

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