5 Types of Animators in Animation

When we deal with animation, we cannot distinguish the types of animation design and the professionals involved in its production. More than half of them are self-employed and may work from home. The most famous creators know a variety of animation techniques and are often hired by the most outstanding animation design studios. Let’s revise which types of computer animation they create for good.

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What is animation?

A professional animator artist is responsible for creating a series of unique images, known as frames, to simulate movement. So, this movement is an animation definition, which is simple. Animated design is creating visual effects, motions, and animations for a variety of multimedia, including video games, video explainers, and digital assets like websites and apps. And different types of animation designs are created by various artists.

Different Types of Animators

Animators are real creators of animated films, and artists, who create drawings with phases of movements of a cartoon or other character (layout drawings) as per their types of animation and modern animation styles. They are also ultimate creators engaged in video design with motion graphics and other computer effects for educative, commercial as in explainer video for luxury products, and other purposes. Here are the different styles of animation they may create, but the most popular will be:

1.     Character animation

This is the process of bringing a character to life. Usually, animators are using software such as Maya, Flash, Lightwave, and other available or preferred programs. Types of animators as character animators develop their characters from scratch and imitate proper body movements to narrative visual, be it for films, television, or video games.

2.     2D Animation

These artists may create either 2D or 3D animated images to portray motion and illustrate the videos. Digital 2D animation designers may easily work in various mediums of multimedia like movies, ads, TV, music videos, or video explainers.

3.     3D Animation

3D design is created by 3D modelers who make computer models of particular objects from scratch and from every angle. Thanks to that the viewer may view and understand the object in a better way seen from various angles. Many types of industries require them, including film studios, production studios, computer graphic design firms with different design team structure, software firms, and product design firms. Read our blog to learn more about the process of 3d animation.

4.     Stop Motion

Short animation video also called stop frame animation is an animation that is made by capturing one frame at a time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it may create the illusion of movement.  Stop motion artists work with animation studios, television, advertisements, films, gaming studios, and the advertising industry.

5.     Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and animation techniques are key skills of motion artists. They may be responsible for artistic processes at a variety of stages. These artists create 2D & 3D animated-style images to portray any motion. Motion graphics designers work in various mediums of media like movies, ads, TV, and music videos.

Here you will find the top examples of animation created by Explain Ninja for a variety of projects.


Animation is an important component of many modern industries. Often it is tied to the user’s interaction with the website or any other product feature. That’s why animators are very highly sought after for vector techniques of animation, 2D, 3D, or other animation art styles. With the help of animated objects, you can control the behavior of users; guide them in making decisions and so much more. Appropriate technique and competent animation design from a professional please the eye of visitors, helping to increase conversion. Here, animators create animated explainer videos for multiple uses and of variety of animation techniques. Enjoy them and feel free to try something for your project with our motion graphic services.

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