What’s Character Explainer Corporate Video Production?

There are videos where the storyline is centered around a character and others where the characters help to tell a story. A character is only a visual image of some message that helps spur associations and emotions. That’s explainer video characters. And how they contribute to your corporate videos is the question.

What’s Character Explainer Corporate Video Production? 20
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What is a corporate explainer video?

A corporate explainer video character is a video that helps tell your company stakeholders more about your business in short. No matter if you want to explain your strategy for the upcoming quarter or present your annual financial progress to your shareholders, a corporate explainer video will smoothly fulfill all your business needs. Creating characters for corporate explainers is another art designers may practice in terms of production corporate video processes.

Though character animation has been long associated with animated movies only, today, it is considered to be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Our team is always happy to use this technique to portray better your idea, product, or service in the best possible corporate light. In order to let it happen, we start from the story to dwell on and add an engaging character to deliver your corporate message.

What’s on the character animation explainer toolkit?

So, if you create your corporate character for your next explainer video, you will need the designing team with a solid toolkit. Since character animation is a part of animated video production that helps you to bring your characters to life, the characters interact like film or stage actors. At the same time, an animator is responsible for the same. These created characters may be used to express and convey various messages and information to the audience depending on your business goals and the budget, of course.

An average video production corporate toolkit may incorporate the following:

  • Individual size & color control for pupils & outer eyes.
  • Hairstyles in N sections.
  • Choose from N noses.
  • Mustaches to choose from, with rotation animation control, etc.
  • Choose from different forehead textures.
  • N eyebrow styles.
  • Ear styles included.
  • Choose from N cheek textures,
  • Variety of figures and postures, and so much more.

In general, the explainer video toolkits are out there to help you create the most persuasive explainer animations ever. Besides some character features, there may be more than 500 interactive scenes. The combination of unique characters, video and photo holders, kinetic typography, and others will turn any idea into a video masterpiece.

Thus, producing corporate videos revolve around your idea and the plot you wish to portray and is created directly for your target audience. This visual narrative is then filled with compelling animation, acting roles performed by animated figures, and other effects. Like any other explainer video style, producing a corporate video with the character animation may also employ professional scriptwriting voice-overs and get your message delivered across to your prospective customers.

Why Use Character Animation?

‘Animated characters are a great source to foster the brand and escalate the ROI. As per the analysis, 76% of the users tend to share the video with others if it is entertaining.’  – Webdew

Character animation can be helpful to just about any explainer video type, mainly video production for corporate. Indeed, cartoons are going to stay forever. The matter is that adding a solid character to the story creates the image of trust and reliance on the video subject your audience can relate to and feel for, etc.

Nevertheless, one of the major benefits you may get from the character animation is the idea that it is completely bespoke. This means that you may create a high-quality animation that perfectly represents the brand, its tone of voice, and its personality all in one here.


No matter what type of business you run, you may optimize your marketing efforts via top-quality video production for corporate and putting a character in the center of the message. With the greatest explainer videos that include animated characters into it, you help spur associations and emotions more than anything. Thanks to the explainer video characters and their contribution to your business, you get fast and effective results in interaction with your audience. For any assistance, feel free to contact our animators in no time. 

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