10 Best Stop Motion Animations Video

Often on screen, the magic is enhanced by animation for advertising. Stop motion animation movies enable magic to appear among ordinary objects as they examine the things surrounding people. Best stop motion from a motion graphics firm is ideal for projects where doodles, puppets, or plasticine animation just won’t do.

10 Best Stop Motion Animations Video 20
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What is a stop motion video?

What is a stop motion video? Short animation video also called stop frame animation is an animation that is made by capturing one frame at a time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it may create the illusion of movement. There are 12 to 24 episodes per second of animation created with stop motion (the more, the smoother your animation will be).

10 best stop motion animations

In stop motion cartoons, 3D computer graphics may be applied to create incredible tricks that ensure amazing feelings among the viewers. There is also a lot of magic in ordinary animation explainer videos, but the stop motion animation ideas will do where nothing else fits. Have a look at incredible stop-motion samples of famous stop-motion animations made for different companies:

1. Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

Source: Short of the Week

2. Lego Breakfast – Lego In Real Life 5 / Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

Source: Tomosteen

The fifth installment of Lego In Real Life on my channel is a breakfast of bread, vegetables, fruit, and coffee. This video was created using 2,767 photos.

3. Stop motion animation of fruit and vegetables

From Clem Stamation

In this stop-motion cartoon, the watermelon was stabbed and imploded.

4. Goldtooth Christmas Card

Source: GOLDTOOTH | Full Service VFX & Creative

Goldtooth Christmas Card is an extraordinary twisted Christmas video card from the Canadian motion graphics and visual effects studio GoldTooth Creative.

5. Whatever Your Resolution

Source: Kim Pimmel

Whatever Your Resolution is a congratulatory video from the Adobe XD team, is a commercial, but at the same time a touching video.

6. Red Bull Stop motion

Here’s the one that is an amazing Red Bull Stop motion advert version.

7. Nescafe Stop Motion Non-endorsed Ad Demo

Nescafe Stop Motion Non-endorsed Ad Demo made by Dyno Productions which also uses stop motion techniques.

8. Liv Devine – Hey!

Although such a video can already be quite easily made in compositing programs like After Effect or Motion, in this case, it is a manual paper animation layout made by animator Arielle Milstein.

9. DISTORTION. A Stop motion Animation by Guldies

2500 still pictures played at 24 frames per second. Shot with a Canon EOS 600D and animated in Dragonframe.

10. Sherbet Christmas Card 2010


Another short simple greeting video card from the British animation studio Sherbet, whose animators and directors painstakingly exhibited wooden hand-carved and hand-painted men.

Why is stop motion animation important?

Stop motion short films produce impressions that other animation designs just can’t. Frame animation is a long process but relies on simple and primitive techniques. It helps to set the stage for modern advertising and cinema animators now that allow having more animation skills to follow and make more original videos for multiple purposes. A short animated video created is stunningly beautiful as artists often make use of real-time props and frames. Moreover, it’s the best technique to depict tangible things such as food, vegetation, blooming, and so much more, which are also to be utilized in some contexts as a must. No wonder all the best motion design companies and even 3D animation companies have stop motion in their portfolios.

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What is stop motion animation used for

Emphasizing that this type of animation is very popular in advertising and business products, Techopedia additionally says that Stop Motion Animation is the best technique to be used in animation for bringing static objects to life on screen.  Such stop motion animation short film is done by moving the object in increments frame by frame while filming a frame per increment. When all the frames are played in sequence, it shows broken movements which are amazing.


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