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The Software for an Explainer Video: Explainer Video Toolkit

June 13, 2016

Did you ever want to create competitive video yourselves as if you called web production company? You need three components: imagination, personal computer, and Explainer Video Toolkit installed on it.

The description of the toolkit

The Explainer Video Toolkit is a tool for Adobe After Effects software. Its license is shareware – the plugin costs only $43. It has a lot of useful features like:

  • The ability of full HD (1920×1080) web video production;
  • 3 ready-to-use stories (just add your text);
  • 10 preinstalled backgrounds;
  • 20 characters (10 male and 10 female);
  • 33 premade animations.

The video production for the web is very simple and intellectually clear. You can choose various effects to add dynamic to your video. You can save the unfinished projects in editable ae files. The tool also supports the search of royalty free music and graphic images.

The useful features for web video

The tool for After Effects has a quality control which allows to user to achieve the best quality of its work with minimum efforts. It can use a broad palette of pre-made animations and customized typographic fonts. The transition color control helps the user to avoid too bright transition between episodes and animations. The software gives an opportunity to replace the animated elements with your photos to make the video more realistic.

What’s better: professionals or self-publishing?

The last paragraph will dot the I’s and cross the t’s between the self-publishers and the professional web video production company. Of course, you can use the Explainer Video Toolkit for such purpose. But you can’t estimate the conduct of your audience. Opposite, our experts studied contextology and psychology. These knowledge and rich professional experience are keys to strangers’ hearts. They always know what video effects and characters will admire the certain audience. So call us and order your explainer video right now.

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