Explain Ninja Ranks Among The Top Explainer Video Makers in Poland on Clutch

Explain Ninja, an animated explainer video production company based in the heart of Poland, Warsaw, is rated as one of the best video makers in Poland, according to Clutch.

Explain Ninja Ranks Among The Top Explainer Video Makers in Poland on Clutch 20
Illustration by Dzmitry Kazak for Explain Ninja

An animated video is a versatile content type that can communicate the information in an engaging, creative, and easy-to-understand way. Businesses worldwide are using animation to present their products and services extraordinarily and stand out from the crowd in the online competition. 

They leverage the power of engagement hidden in animated videos for user onboarding, employee education, explanations of complex business processes and concepts, and for lots of corporate purposes. The spectrum of animation uses cases in the business is extremely wide and rich. From healthcare providers to financial institutions and SaaS developers, companies from almost every industry find animation relevant for their marketing.

However, almost every business owner who decided to involve animation in a marketing strategy faces the challenge of finding the right video production partner. To assist entrepreneurs in their choice, Clutch has recently published the top explainer video production companies in Poland for December 2020. Explain Ninja has entered the first three company from the list. 

How Explain Ninja Apart Makes a Difference

Explain Ninja is an animated explainer video production company and a subsidiary company of Fireart Studio, a product design and software development company based in Warsaw, Poland. It was initially founded as an animation studio in 2013. Since then, the company has already produced dozens of business cartoons for startups, small businesses, medium-sized ventures, and big brands like Google, Bolt, My Taxi, and Pipedrive.

What sets Explain Ninja apart from others is an extraordinary approach to animation. All their video are featured with a slight touch of humor, pixel-perfect and professional animation, super-engaging script, and beautiful illustrations with bright visual metaphors. 

Approach to Explainer Video Production

Explain Ninja offers a full suite of animated video production services, including seven production stages, such as briefing, storyboarding, scriptwriting, illustration, voiceover, animation, and sound design. The team of professional animators, illustrators, and directors will navigate you through the entire process. At Explain Ninja, the team believes that videos must be simple and transfer brand ideas in the most digestible form. 

Animation Styles Offered By Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja produces animation in different styles, including whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, and logo animation. If you’re interested in making an award-winning animated explainer video with Explain Ninja, please contact the team at [email protected].

Here you can also check examples of their recent animation works:

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