What are Explainers Video Benefits for the Construction Industry?

Construction enterprises are aware of the potential ultimate importance of involving video marketing in their management functions as a way to adapt themselves not only to the continuous changes in the industry, but also to satisfy their clients’ demands while being competitive and improving their business strategy. Building animation safety videos construction industry or explainer videos may help improve the process and bring great benefits to the industry.

What are Explainers Video Benefits for the Construction Industry? 20
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What is a construction video?

A construction industry video is a video relevant to the construction industry and the hottest issues related to it, as well as people working or catering to the most usrrgent industry’s needs.

Why Does Your Construction Business Needs Animated Video?

Why construction industry videos? In what way may top-notch construction animations videos are useful for the industry that has little to do with the digital world? The answers are simple – in a way, they’re useful in any other sphere since they can deliver more than one social message at a time, and do it in a way that is easy to understand for everyone.

The construction industry is one of the industries that will receive the most benefit from a high-quality explainer video to help workers improve their safety awareness at work and become more productive. Breadnbeyond

Explainer videos construction animated have always been the best tool of explanation to introduce a complex subject or concept in an easy and understandable way. This might be a quick overview of your construction company, security measures, a separate product, service, or your working conditions. The sky’s the limit!  Either way, it’s an easy point of entry for many people who cannot know you better in a different way. This is why construction animation explainer videos are especially popular for construction industry startups.

Explainer videos as a new media trend in the construction industry

You have already heard about marketing for the construction industry via animated construction videos: you can clearly and visually see a large amount of information, learn about technologies, and advantages, and motivate the purchase of a product, while this information is presented in texts or in pictures would not be so powerful. That is why explainer videos become trends in the construction industry more than ever.

Benefits of explainer video

Explainer videos solve many business problems. Why are they needed? In your company, you know your customers and their needs well, so regularly conduct surveys and get your point of view on how many benefits your videos bring to the industry and your company’s success. Here’s the list of advantages:

It introduces

The content of the video is most often about a new product; start-up, service, young company, IT development, and technology or construction innovation;

It explains

Construction is quite a complex industry to explain. The under construction animations video explains something new or the process (the principle of operation of the device, safety issues, a new way to solve the problem of people, differences from competitors, etc.);

Saves time

Optimal video timing is 60-90-120 seconds (rarely more or less than this, which is the standard);


The absence of aggressive advertising (there is a listing of the benefits that the client can receive when buying the product, there are no direct sales or similar);


In video design motion design (motion graphic), graphic design, art illustrations, 2d, and 3d animation, stop motion, whiteboard, infographics), i.e. computer graphics and animation, video filming is often used which engages and entertains along, as well as memories for good.

It sells

Videos will do to increase traffic, increase sales, increase the conversion from lead, increase the conversion of the transition from the video to the company website, increase the average time the user spends on it, reduce the percentage of user bounces, increase the depth of site browsing, increase the number of backlinks to the site by distributing the video on the networks, increase the number of interested parties in your product (investors, partners, colleagues, competitors, etc.), reduce the safety issues in construction, increase the number of responses, clicks on links in the letter, increase the number of transitions to the group, blog. – The list is endless.

It’s easy to distribute

Videos are created to be shared and used on the Internet (on any video hosting sites (high-quality animated videos are more often placed on Vimeo than on YouTube), on the landing page of the company, on social networks, etc).

To Warp It Up

Any learning process is always learning something new. The more effectively you can present this information, the faster you will educate your customers or personnel, and the more sales you will get in the same time period. An explainer video is great a tool that includes the maximum amount of product giving it the minimum amount of time to study it.

You want every potential customer for the future of the construction industry to watch the video so that every viewer buys your product, and then every buyer buys it again. Or train your personnel to avoid emergency cases and improve their safety for them to work better? All this becomes possible to achieve through quality videos. Need an expander? Leave your contact details with us.

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