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Everyone needs to know the basics of information security in the modern digital era. And how to teach cyber literacy to adults and children and what to do to save the world from computer threats may become a great story for the next awesome video explainer for the cybersecurity industry.

Data Steal explainer video from Explain Ninja

What’s Cyber security video?

Cyber security videos are essentially short videos that are designed to illustrate complex cybersecurity and network concepts and other data in an extremely engaging manner. We create these videos alongside the video content for other brands to explain why their company’s solutions are the most superior and useful.

Why Use Explainer Video for Your Cybersecurity Company?

For the last decade, cybercriminals have managed to implement multiple large-scale cyber-attacks on various world companies and their platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft, and many other industry tycoons were regularly hacked, and their data was breached. This elevated the cybersecurity issues to another level and made them among the most critical ones to combat.

Cyber-attacks on all businesses, but particularly small to medium sized businesses, are becoming more frequent, targeted, and complex. According to Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study, 43% of cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses, but only 14% of all the stats are prepared to defend themselves. 


Working remotely using the cloud has increased the level of comfort, but at the same time increased the risk of intrusions in the organization, as well. Employees take responsibility for the use of any endpoints and must limit the use of service equipment to corporate resources. Undergoing cybersecurity training educates remote workers on working in environments where they are outside the privacy of enterprises.

A little part from our explainer for CrowdSec Cyber Security

Thus, one thing became clear in 2022, that it is no organization, regardless of its size or vertical, is safe from any data breach. A breach can happen to any organization type, enterprise, or government at any time. That is why cybersecurity video has become famous as one of the prevention measures to educate the public on a variety of cybersecurity matters. Nowadays, the best protection is education and practical training, and corporate & personal cybersecurity programs expose engaging video material to the fullest.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Your Cybersecurity Solutions

Your company, just like virtually every company in the world, may be vulnerable to malware, ransomware, spam, hacking, and social engineering. Which can lead to either trouble, a complete loss of reputation or huge money losses. To protect the company from cyberattacks, employees need to be well trained. Cyber security videos may be applied to teach cybersecurity literacy in any company. By educating them about security threats, and how to act when a threat is detected, you may strengthen the most vulnerable chains in your business mechanism.

That is why in the modern world, mastering the basic rules of information security is as necessary as, for example, knowledge of the basics of a healthy lifestyle or fire safety, etc. Moreover, it is necessary to form the habits of so-called cyber hygiene in people from an early age. Parents should educate their children about safe online behavior as soon as young users get access to a computer or smartphone. Just like how a child learns about the rules of safe movement around the city when they begin to go to school on their own, you may educate on cybersecurity in your company and do it with the help of engaging and highly effective video explainers.

Are animated cyber security explainer videos effective?

Explainer videos are effective simply because they are incredibly shareable across all possible digital platforms, leading to an optimized promotion alongside training and other goals. A concise explanation in a short and engaging form helps viewers to understand the importance of the industry services and other complex notions better and faster, even children. Explainer videos this way help in arousing positive emotions among the viewers that will make them even more memorable to them. Here’s the list of extra benefits of the video on information security:

  • They are powerful attention grabbers that make the messages heard and memorized well.
  • An explainer video may break down complicated ideas into simple scenes.
  • They are a universal type of content that may fit anywhere, including your marketing & sales funnel.
  • These informative and highly creative videos help rank your business higher on Google.
  • An explainer video sells without being selling in any industry.

In the end, using animated videos for cybersecurity is one of the proven ways of improving conversions and sales, so you have a great chance to fit the material into your strategy with maximum profit.

 According to Invisia, adding video on a landing page may increase conversions by 80%.

Thus, videos may help improve not only your cyber security acknowledgment level but also sales processes both directly and indirectly, which makes them really effective.

How long should an animated cyber safety video be?

Cyber security videos should last no more than a couple of minutes. Ideally, we recommend keeping the length of the video to around 2-3 minutes. Nevertheless, an ideal length may vary from project to project based on individual requirements and communication goals, etc.

Another cybersecurity video made for CrowdSec


Now that we understand why cybersecurity acknowledgment is critical, it would be ideal to understand how to implement education in the most effective way. Let’s start with the most essential issues and discuss them via explainer videos that can be easily included both in your marketing strategy and the training curriculum. It makes more sense to invest in professional cybersecurity video production from experts who will work directly with your organization. These specialized training videos will allow you to develop a complete virtual security strategy tailored to your unique corporate structure, data privacy, employee needs, etc.

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