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An explainer video is the most efficient way to increase ROI and attract the target audience. Most startups don’t have a budget to create an expensive video with complicated design and animated characters. Nowadays technologies offer wide opportunities both for experienced video makers and beginners without an artistic and technical background. What is the best software for business animation?
Adobe. Adobe is an acknowledged market leader for designers, programmers, architects and movie makers. One of the company’s products, Adobe After Effects, creates endless opportunities for different types of videos. However, this software is not so simple, and it takes time to get used to it.
GoAnimate. Advanced editing tools, fun templates, high-quality sounds, and screenshot simplicity make it easy for users to create videos in a captivating way.
PowToon. This program has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of styles and characters. A nice choice for sale demos, social videos, and whiteboard animations.
Wideo. Create a full HD video with 1500 images available and a wide range of music tracks.
Biteable. Do you like minimal design and simple work process? Easy-to-use Biteable enables to publish a video for business directly on YouTube. However, if a company wants to remove their watermark, it will have to pay 99 US dollars a year.
Animaker. If you prefer animated videos for business, Animaker with its video styles and 120 types of animation is the best option. The iconographic and typography templates will become alive and funny within a few clicks!
Camtasia. This screenshot recording software is ideal for producing tutorials without distraction of characters and effects.
RawShorts. The software lets you create high-definition whiteboard animation without complicated technical know-how.
EasySketchPro. Are you a sketch lover? Use your imagination in your business and create a comic strip using this program.

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