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Digital content is all around us every day, and one of the most effective ways to perceive information is through video. The development of the latest technology has also led to video content capabilities. Interactive video is a new step to take the format to the next level.

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There is a variety of software available for creating interactive videos. You can use these programs to add various elements to your project. That can be useful for both marketing activities and creative products. For example, this format can improve your sales and attract more views and conversions.

We have written this article, especially for you to learn more about interactive video software. Here are 12 interactive video software programs that will simplify the process of creating interactive videos. But first, let’s understand what an interactive video is and its specific features.

What is Interactive Video?

So, what is interactive video? It’s a way to interact with users or customers through interactive elements. With such elements, you can add calls to action to the video, capturing the user’s attention and increasing the number of views. With such videos, you can achieve your business marketing goals much easier and get more subscribers on social media. Also, such original videos can allow you to increase your brand awareness.

You can customize interactive videos for different needs. It’s a tool that allows you to exercise your creativity and introduce as much flexible functionality into your marketing process as possible. Through this original format, you can stand out from your competitors and, therefore, be more memorable to your potential customers.

Interactive videos are now reaching a new level, and you may notice that many big companies are already using this format in their strategy. Some tools can help you simplify your work with interactive videos. Next, we’ll take a closer look at twelve of the most interesting software for interactive video programs that will make your videos more interesting and functional.

1. Eko Studio

First on our list is Eko Studio, a video company that offers quality and interactive video platforms.

Eko Studio is best known for offering extensive interactive video features. It is a free and functional platform that would be a great choice if you are just getting started with interactive videos and do not have enough experience in this business. Also, it is a good option for those who can’t budget for interactive videos yet and can save money thanks to this platform. 

2. Wirewax

WireWax is probably the most famous and reputable tool among all interactive video tools for your business. Perhaps the price for this program will seem a bit higher than that of its counterparts. However, there are some interesting features that you might find useful.

Among the advantages of WireWax, is its very aesthetically pleasing interface, making your work in the program enjoyable. In addition, the tool offers users the ability to perform more than one interactive action.

WireWax allows you to use customizable overlay templates to simplify your interaction with the program. These can be both static and moving access points. You will also enable the pause feature, which will automatically stop the video when clicked. You can also take advantage of analytics tools.

3. Camtasia

Camtasia is a useful, simple video editing tool that features the ability to add interactive elements to your product.

It might not be the best tool in our selection. Nevertheless, what makes it special is its focus on interactivity and its ability to edit videos. Not every editing tool provides users with interactive functionality. You should try working with this software.

4. Engajer

Engajer is the best interactive video platform to create video content using questions. In this way, your user can choose their path throughout the video. It will be like a game, where the further video will depend on the choice of the character. 

Among other things, this app offers an e-commerce plugin and tracking system. You can find a more detailed description of the functionality and its use cases on the company’s website.

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5. Vidzor

Vidzor is also a free option for creating interactive videos. If you compare it to the other tools on our list that provide free functionality, you can find more intentional features here.

That applies to free options for using paid features, and you should keep in mind that although you will be able to use them, there will be a watermark and company logo on the finished product. For most companies that want to increase their visibility, this side effect is completely unacceptable. Keep this in mind if you try to work with this program. 

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6. Spott

Spott is another free tool with interactive functionality not only for video but also for images. These can be interactive tags for products and buttons right in your video clip. Use this functionality to achieve your marketing goals. 

Among other things, this program integrates with several social networks. That will allow you to share your projects easily.

7. Adobe Captivate

You probably associate Adobe Captivate with Adobe Creative Cloud. And rightly so, because it is a product of this famous company. Thanks to this program, you can even use the basic functionality with interactive videos without any editing experience.

Try embedding links right into your project! In addition, you can create multiple sliders, drag and drop and allow the user to choose their activities within the video. 

Adobe Captivate also allows you to edit previous versions of the product. There is a very simple control panel, and inexperienced users will have no problem working with the program. In the Interactive Video menu, you’ll find functionality for embedding videos and overlays. Thanks to this, you will compose source slides and embed overlays.

8. ThingLink

ThingLink is one of the most popular platforms for creating interactive video formats today. Thanks to its extensive functionality, you can use the app to transform videos and images into interactive content. You can easily add virtual tours to your videos with the tagging feature.

Among other things, try the app’s functionality to create an animated story of your company or a new product review. It is a great example of storytelling that can improve your brand awareness among potential users.

9. H5P

H5P is open source interactive video making software for creating and distributing interactive projects on social networks and other platforms. You can use the tool to create interactive videos in various ways, and there are numerous templates and features to help you do so. 

Add tags, tests, links, and table of contents. This productive tool will allow you to create different interactive videos of any complexity for your business and personal purposes. Use the web version of the program, or install the plugin for a more user-friendly experience. 

It may not be the best option for professionals who do not yet have enough experience creating interactive videos. This application has an interesting interface that might seem complicated at first use. But don’t get discouraged! It’s only at first glance. The program’s website has detailed instructions on making your work in this program easier. 

10. TouchCast Studio

TouchCast Studio is another tool that supports several interactive features for video creation. You can also create so-called live videos, which do not provide many programs. 

TouchCast Studio is geared more toward the live event market. It is really expensive software. Its price is motivated by the fact that interactive videos are not useful with this application. 

11. Adventr

Adventr is another one of the popular interactive video platforms. You can use it to embed a narrative feature in your video. For example, branching allows users to determine their path through your video. 

It is probably the most affordable of the paid options on our list as far as pricing goes. A good choice if you’re on a tight budget to create an interactive video.

12. Viddler

Viddler is a well-known interactive video platform. The company’s main mission is to make training videos more accessible to everyone. With role-playing, gamification, and interactive elements, this program can help you make more interesting video projects to achieve your company’s marketing goals. 

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As you can see, interactive videos are popular with large and not-so-large companies. It is an effective means to promote your brand online. Interactive features attract a lot of attention from users, and you can achieve better results than your competitors. 

Try working on the tools on our list to create a great video project and win users’ attention!

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