Types of Digital Content You Can Use in Your Marketing Strategy

There are the types of content in digital video marketing that you might not know. To fix that, let’s start with the basic concepts and some interesting facts about the types of digital content you may come across apart from the video explainers in your marketing practice.

Types of Digital Content You Can Use in Your Marketing Strategy 20
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How to make a good digital content?

Content is a collective term that characterizes information on pages of social networks, websites, etc. You may call texts, audio, make a video, motion graphics, and animations the content. In general, everything that can be seen, read, or heard is content.

No matter your business goals, the content should be helpful to your target audience. When creating any content, always put yourself in the client’s shoes and ask yourself: Will it be innovative? What’s the benefit for the user or the problem it helps solve, etc.?

To make good digital content, never, ever judge it from your own perspective. You cannot always understand all the subtleties and mental values ​​of your audience.

What are the possible mistakes and what to pay special attention to

For over a decade, people and brands have interacted with each other. They have been sharing it, commented on it, and so on. And that’s all due to the variety of mediums. And this is not only social media but the video channels and others. Do you still have doubts that types of content in digital marketing are possible to misuse in such a great variety of mediums?

In fact, there are several mistakes to avoid:

  • Expecting results overnight.
  • Overlooking mobile optimization.
  • Not understanding or utilizing your data.
  • Under-utilizing explainer videos.
  • Not knowing your target audience.
  • Being anti-social on social media.
  • Forgetting about mobile users preferences.
  • Not offering promos.
  • Underutilizing keyword research & other tips.
  • Targeting a too broad audience.
  • Having subpar customer service.
  • Ignoring the competition, etc.

Depending on the types of digital marketing content you use in your marketing strategy, your anticipation may vary and the mistakes that may arise. Just make sure you double check your medium opportunities and your business goals are aligned, etc.

Also, it’s better to stick to a golden ratio of content usage, which states that although there are many opinions for applying the content types in each marketing campaign, the correct percentage looks like this: 40% – engaging, 30% – entertaining, news, 20% – education and only 10% – commercial. Have a try.

Types of digital content

Now it’s high time to review some types of content widely used on the digital market for various marketing goals by any brand. They most common are:


Such sales content is everything that is related to the direct sales of a product or service to your target audience and a call to action. Promotions, product cards, discounts, etc. You should not just show the selling posts every day, sooner or later your audience will get tired of them and you will lose your reader. An excellent balance is 5-10% of the selling content of the total number of posts per month if we speak about particular social media activities. If your favourite is explainer video – then the same’s with your video channels.


Educative or training content may include any useful information for subscribers. Do you have a restaurant or cafe? Tell them how to cook an unusual dish. Electronics store – teach how to use the device, and so on. You may find multiple reasons to produce explainer videos here because sky’s the limit with the themes.


Entertaining content does not carry any logical tension, but is very important for narrative. People do not go to social networks for advertising; they go for entertainment and relaxation. Entertaining content is jokes, surveys, cute animals, etc. You may add whatever the CTA you want though.


Engaging content the main goal of which is to involve the maximum number of subscribers in the desired activity is the most sophisticated to study and achieve. Explainer videos, infographics, pools or something else should be extremely attractive to engage and make leads.

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News content is a separate type of digital content nowadays because it’s all-in-one. This kind of content exists to inform about any changes in the area that your potential customers are interested in. You may also talk about news within the company and changes related to the product or service, etc.


Communication content is the most important type of content. It is used to communicate with the audience on every day basis on a variety of purposes and occasions. Any hot questions or questionnaires are effective methods of communicating with subscribers. In this way, it is very easy to identify the pains and needs of clients and solve them.


Reputational or image content is the one that forms the company’s expertise in the eyes of the audience. It’s all about brand reviews, achievements, innovations, etc. Such content must be shown to subscribers on social networks and PR platforms. Be it stories or posts. The best option is to create highlights with testimonials on your website, register at reviewing portals, and display your content there.

Need for animated video as a part of digital content?

It’s common that animated style videos are a great way out for the digital marketing of your business, as they may do anything: entertain, engage educate or do sales while interacting with the users and potentially generate a number of leads. If you are sure that a great animated video or motion design is what you really want to produce as your next marketing undertake – just contact Explain Ninja.

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The impact of animation videos on your marketing strategy

Using animated videos is one of the proven ways of improving conversions and sales no matter which digital marketing content types you use.

 According to Invisia, adding video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

Videos may improve sales both directly and indirectly with any presentation ideas. Prospects like to picture themselves using the products they would like to buy. So, if you apply awesome animation videos, they are more likely to help you explain tricky processes or concepts better and faster, sell a product, or even just gain recognition of a product asap.

Everyone resonates with animation in some way or another, emotionally or intellectually. Almost everyone who has watched cartoons with characters or animated stories in his or her life, tend to remember them forever. That’s how your digital content may grab attention more effectively.


Content is the driving force behind internet marketing. It is convenient to engage and manage your audience directly and indirectly and affect and call to act via digital marketing content types. They often work as a great channel to create your users’ database, systematize all information about launched, put into production and finished publications as part of online business promotion, and so much more! If you feel that a great animated video or motion design is what you need for your next marketing undertake – just contact Explain Ninja in no time to create the content type which will fit your audience’s needs the most and bring ou desired leads.

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