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Companies that want to interact with their audiences more creatively and give them entertainment use explainer videos to present their products in the online world. Explainer videos have a great storytelling power that engages people, creates a lasting impression about the brand, and sticks to the audience’s memory.

35 Best Explainer Video Examples in 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
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It’s a great way to grow brand awareness and consumer loyalty. Recently, we have discovered these ten explainer video examples and would like to share them with you. Without further ado, let’s consider these cool videos and why we find them great. 

But first, let’s understand what an explainer video is and why you should use it in your marketing strategy.

Why use explainer videos?

According to the latest statistics, 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. It means that videos serve as a tool to attract new customers, increase conversions or build loyalty within their audience.

The research shows that explainer video gives an impressive boost:

  • by using videos, the sales grow up to 32%
  • explainer videos are frequently used for communication within the company (27% of businesses use video in their HR messages, and 29% of businesses cover their administration and operations messages with the help of videos)
  • 53% of businesses are sure that videos help to raise the awareness
  • for 49% of companies, videos helped to increase engagement rates
  • 52% of companies insist that videos help to build trust

Besides, videos are an important part of video content marketing, as well as a social media strategy. Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, YouTube require high-quality video content. A product explainer video can cover this request as well as education, entertaining and informational videos.

Best Explainer Videos

The number of explainer videos over the Internet is huge. It’s impossible to check all of them, and there’s no need to do that. It’s enough to watch and analyze the best-animated explainer videos to understand the main messages and takeaways that will help you create your own masterpiece.

In this article, we’ve collected the 35 best product explainer videos. The requirements for the videos were as follows:

  • clear concept
  • easy-to-catch message to the audience
  • perfect visual representation of the key idea
  • good sound and voice over
  • top-notch animation

Every year, companies create thousands of explainer videos: some of them are good, and some can be named the best videos of all time. And of course, there are some poor videos that ruin the overall results of your business strategy.

We’re sure that when you understand the power of videos and can estimate whether the given video is effective or not, your video marketing strategy will no longer be the same. Understanding the mistakes also helps in that.

These are the top 5 mistakes that will spoil your video, and you won’t get the expected results:

  • No clear message

Can you tell what the video is about? How many messages can you count in this video?

  • Poor animation

A beautiful picture is one of the key requirements for any video. Whether you use 2D or 3D animation, it must be top-notch.

  • Bad soundtrack

Have you ever noticed that the quality of sounds can nail or fail the video? Mind it when you create your own explainer video.

  • Video is too long

A good explainer video should last about 90 seconds. In rare cases, it can be longer. Yet, 30 seconds video is absolutely great for any type of business.

  • You have one video for all platforms

Users who have landed on your page for the first time have different expectations from customers who have been using your services for a while. Remember that when you use the same video for them. 

We recommend you learn from the best and check these best explainer videos in 2024. We absolutely adore each of them, and we’re sure: you will find inspiration in them for your video marketing strategy!

Amazon Go

We love how Amazon has introduced its product in an explainer video. It’s simple and straight to the point. The video clearly describes the product’s essence and demonstrates how it can help the user solve their problem. What we like about this video is that it starts with a brief brand story smoothly incorporated into a product presentation. Also, we find it great that the video is short, but this timing is enough to communicate the product idea in full. It’s also a nice idea to answer possible consumer questions directly in the video and show how to use the product in realistic situations. 


This Twitter’s explainer video is not new, but it’s so engaging and enjoyable that we have decided to include it in the list. The video starts and plays out like a real blockbuster movie. The scenario and script are incredible and keep the viewer’s attention completely stuck on the screen.

From the second one of this animation video, you start feeling interested in this story about the guy that has created a crazy buzz in his city by unsuccessfully trying to sign up on Twitter. Everyone is carrying about who Kenny G is and how this tremendous story will end. Indeed, who is Kenny G? 


Now, we’d like to shamelessly introduce our recent animated video produced for CrowdSec, a cybersecurity startup. This video features a simple story about the danger of data breaches to users and provides a great problem solution – CrowdSec. The illustration style is made mainly in a violet palette and complemented by other colors that are often associated with the concept of data. Oh! And yes, those malefactors stealing the user’s data are depicted as vicious robo-demons pursuing people in the digital world. The rest – you judge. We really hope you will enjoy this video.

Video by Explain Ninja


This is a very chilly and funny explanatory video by one of the most creative brands ever – Chipotle. It is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. Those small lovely pigs make users smile every time when they watch these videos. The story itself is amazing too. It’s simple, calm yet captivating, and impressive thanks to its bright visual style and a good sense of humor. Because who doesn’t love Wallace and Gromit?


Dissolve is a great example of explainer video ideas that are based on live-action shooting. In this video, each scene is realistic, and animation is used only as a supporting tool. The main effect is achieved via humor: the key idea of the video is to demonstrate that many companies used cliches in their marketing communication, and these cliches, in many cases, look silly. In this way, Dissolve shows that the approach to creating videos may be different.

Dollar Shave Club

This is perhaps one of the iconic top explainer videos that perfectly demonstrates that the idea behind the video is always important. Every second of the video keeps us engaged: the visuals (very simple, yet extremely realistic) support the idea, the main character reminds us of an old friend, and the sounds support the story during the whole video. Again, this is another video that uses humor to deliver the idea.


This one-minute-long animated video demonstrated how complicated our work life could be. Slack explains how the product can support us and how smoothly it can integrate into our lives. The video is dynamic and creative. Yet, there’s no voice-over. It was definitely a complicated task for the creators — to keep the idea bright, using no words at all. 

Among the animated explainer video examples, this video can be used as a template for a high-quality piece of content that can be used for different social media, as well as corporate websites.

Med Mart

3d animated videos catch the attention of every customer. Their main feature is that all objects are created in 3 dimensions: width, height, and depth. Therefore, neither characters nor objects look flat in the videos.

Med Mart is an application that simplifies the process of choosing a doctor for plastic surgery. Despite the niche of the app, the creators still use 3D animation to deliver the main ideas. And it looks great!


Spotify has always been known for its professional and creative approach to anything they do. The same can be said about their explainer videos. No voice-over is used here, just the music that adds the dynamics to the scenes.

This is one of the best explainer video inspiration samples that perfectly demonstrate that your approach to making a video may differ from what your competitors do. You just need to remember about your audience and the main message of your video.

Google Drive

Google is definitely among the pioneers in many spheres. So, it does not come as a surprise that we will start with this amazing explainer video by Google. It briefly describes lots of features the company wants to share with customers. In less than a minute-long how it works video, the authors introduce tens of new services and how exactly they can help average users. 

From the video, we can clearly understand the exact message of the company. In addition, we can distinctly see the corporate colors of Google as well as the shapes of the icons. This is a good example of how an explainer video should look: meaningful, precise, and branded.


This is another explainer video that depicts the services of the company. The distinguishing feature of this example is that the video is built around the reasons why the company emerged. This allows to accurately inform the viewers about the company’s services and what particular problems it allows to solve. 


An animated video by PandaDoc demonstrates how to implement workflow automation in a company’s daily activity. A great example of how to briefly explain the key service, the main features of the solution, how exactly it helps in everyday task management and what the customer can achieve. 

Apart from the explanatory part, the video contains a clear call to action in the end. It prudently emphasizes the attention on the main goal of almost every business — increasing revenue.

PandaDoc Solutions (5 videos)


A very creative approach to how it works video. Authors use a life situation, dialogues between real people, and a realistic environment. This allows delivering a message that the services of a company are applied in everyday life in daily situations. 

Another peculiar thing is the comparison between the sport and coaching. Usage of Grammarly is presented not simply as a service but rather as friendly assistance.

Grammarly – Explainer Campaign


Purina did a great job when creating this explainer video. In 30 seconds they manage to describe how versatile vitamins, minerals, and microelements are combined in their products. 

Video visualization is on the highest level as well. Simple and understandable images, together with smooth changing of pictures, do not overload the viewers with visual effects. At the same time, the colors perfectly match the topic of the video.

McDonald’s history by Bloomberg

This is not a very typical explainer video. Bloomberg briefly covers the history of the company, highlighting the main developments. Simultaneously, it describes the main innovations of McDonald’s and how they influenced the company’s performance. 

From the creative viewpoint, bright and contrasting colors allow to grab and keep viewers’ attention. At the same time, quickly changing animations keep pace and underline the ongoing process of the company’s evolution and improvement. 


A great job of describing additional features of the service by Airbnb. Without saying a word, they introduced some of the most popular requests while renting apartments. 

By showing the real stories of people from different corners of the world, this explainer video brings viewers closer to the company’s service. Moreover, the video highlights small, still very important details of everyday activity.

Uber Eats

Fantastic explainer video with the plot of a short film. Emotional and rousing speeches of the main here underline people’s attitude to the company’s services, especially when they are hungry and receive the delivery. The transformation of the atmosphere in the team (most probably somewhere in the office at the end of the working day) clearly shows why customers need and love UberEats. This video definitely provokes some thoughts.

Western Union

Another good example of a video describing the new features of a fintech company. In less than a couple of minutes, the video depicts the urgent needs of people, introduces the solution, and explains how it works. 

Corporate colors, a bright palette, and dynamic animations build associations with the company and its contribution to the realm of financial services. Moreover, the video puts a particular user in the center of the financial activity since it describes how each person can build their own payment strategy. 


This video clearly shows the company brand via the color palette, especially due to a wide presence of blue. Visual elements accurately reflect what the video is about. This combination easily explains quite complicated financial peculiarities.

This how it works video is primarily about the security of finance, and the authors distinctly show how exactly the new services contribute to the customers’ awareness of their finances. Video also widely uses statistics to support the main idea.

Crazy Egg

Recognized mainly within marketing circles, this animated explainer video by Demo Duck highlights the heatmap tool, elucidating why visitors might not be converting to your site. 

What sets this Crazy Egg explainer video apart is its approach to demystifying the complexities of website analytics. Steering clear of jargon, the funny video employs a charming character and a well-crafted script, making the intricate subject of marketing analytics accessible and engaging. 

By illustrating the product’s features in a lively and clear manner, the video addresses potential queries users may have and integrates multiple calls to action, showcasing why it stands out as a top-tier animated explainer video.


The thrill of travel is undeniable, yet the intricacies of travel planning can often dim this excitement. TripCase’s live action video delves into how their innovative app streamlines the entire travel process, from booking to reaching your destination, thus enhancing the overall journey experience. 

This new explainer video stands out by effectively communicating the app’s value, bolstered by positive feedback from users who have integrated it into their travels. By focusing on the ease and efficiency the app brings, this live action explainer video demonstrates the significant impact of making animated explainer videos that resonate with and assist the target audience, ensuring a more delightful travel experience.


In today’s interconnected world, where the typical individual juggles multiple devices, managing files across them can become daunting. This relatable dilemma is the foundation for an animated explainer video, effectively highlighting a solution tailored for businesses grappling with this ubiquitous issue. This explainer enhances brand visibility and drives lead generation by skillfully merging animated elements with a compelling video script. 

The video stands out as one of the awesome explainer videos by addressing a widespread challenge with a blend of engaging animation and a narrative that resonates deeply with the average internet user. Thus, it illustrates the power of well-crafted animated explainers in connecting with an audience.


The excitement surrounding PlayStation consoles sets high expectations for their product explainer videos. These awesome videos are crafted to match the anticipation, urging viewers toward a purchase with a dynamic blend of elements. 

The entire video is underscored by a pulsating soundtrack that amplifies the thrill, while the state-of-the-art animation meticulously demonstrates each feature, from the innovative adaptive console triggers to the seamless HDR compatibility. This approach ensures that the excitement inherent to the PlayStation brand is vividly conveyed. 


Mint’s product explainer video examples showcase their ability to create amazing explainer videos within a concise timeframe. This particular video guides viewers through a side-scrolling exploration of Mint’s features, effectively demonstrating the breadth of services offered to users. 

The video’s fast-paced yet informative nature effectively communicates the application’s user-friendly and manageable interface, making it an exemplary case in the realm of types of explainer videos.


This fun video embodies the essence of what animation is truly for. It proves that online videos (especially those for product explanations) don’t always need to showcase the actual product, particularly in the case of online platforms or software. This approach adds a creative flair and ensures the marketing videos remain relevant for extended periods without the need for frequent updates. 

Through engaging animation, this video highlights the core functionalities in an accessible and visually appealing manner, demonstrating the power of animated explainers in digital marketing.


The limitless potential of animation allows for boundless creativity, yet the trend among common explainer videos often leans toward human characters. Hive, however, breaks the mold by featuring anthropomorphic elephants, showcasing the innovative possibilities when you create videos. 

The uniqueness of this video doesn’t stop there; it extends to whimsical elements like taxi cab skates, a football-playing trout, and an engaging poem, blending the bizarre with the brilliant. This approach underlines the diverse creative avenues available in creating explainer videos, proving that stepping away from the conventional can result in memorable and distinctive content.


Headspace revolutionized the way meditation was perceived with its good explainer video, making the practice approachable for newcomers at a time when meditation was not yet a part of the mainstream conversation. The video features whimsical, colorful characters that made the brand stand out and became a staple in subsequent marketing videos. 

Unique animations within the app enhance the meditation experience, making Headspace’s offering one of the most awesome explainer videos in the wellness space.

91 Squarefeet

91Squarefeet stands out in retail design and development with its innovative technological system, offering comprehensive turnkey development and project management solutions. Their best explainer video, styled as a live-action video, effectively communicates the simplicity and efficiency of building new stores.

What makes this video content resonate is its transparency and relatability, speaking directly to the target audience — retailers overwhelmed by the complexities of establishing and maintaining retail spaces. 


Crafted by Yum Yum Videos, this entry is a prime example of explainer videos that illustrate the seamless and user-friendly payment solutions offered by the Dandelin app for health insurance. The video effectively highlights how the app simplifies and streamlines the process, making it a good product explainer video for demonstrating the app’s benefits to potential users.


Paddle stands out among our highlighted live action explainer videos by masterfully integrating animation, still photography, and live action footage, creating a distinct and engaging visual narrative.

The video takes viewers through Paddle’s interface with animated text and UI demonstrations, complemented by live-action clips of actual users. The addition of a nostalgic 1980s-style filter and imagery depicting remote workers cleverly contrasts and blends the different visual mediums.


PayPal’s approach to live action explainer videos uniquely incorporates musical comedy, offering an entertaining and engaging depiction of how their app brightens payday. Recognizing the value of their users’ time, PayPal ensures both this video and the app itself streamline financial transactions, making them quick and effortless to execute.

This live action video distinguishes itself by explaining the practical benefits of using PayPal and creating a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience. Through this creative approach, PayPal effectively communicates the ease and convenience of its service.

Chip App

The video starts with a brief mission statement, followed by a countdown timer that sets the pace. Accompanied by rapid transitions and lively background music, the video explains Chip’s multifaceted offerings. 

This animated explainer doesn’t just highlight the app’s features; it delves into how users stand to gain, sprinkling in some app reviews and accolades to bolster its message. The overarching message, “save smart, not hard,” weaves through the narrative, reinforcing the app’s core value proposition and making this animated explainer video compelling and informative.


Calendly’s animated explainer is a prime illustration of how a straightforward and sophisticated animation can adeptly communicate the essence of a SaaS product. Every aspect, from the fluid transitions to the harmonious color scheme, is fine-tuned to provide a visually captivating and polished presentation.

The core strength of this great explainer video is its capacity to succinctly present Calendly’s value proposition. It effectively highlights how the tool streamlines the scheduling process.

Calendly’s explainer video exemplifies the effectiveness of leveraging simplicity and clarity in SaaS marketing strategies.  


Miro, the dynamic online whiteboard designed for comprehensive team collaboration — remote, in-office, or hybrid — showcases its capabilities through live-action video and screencasting.

The Miro whiteboard explainer videos captivate viewers by cleverly juxtaposing the old with the new: snail mail with email, watercooler conversations with messaging apps, and traditional whiteboards with the versatile Miro platform. 

Highlighting the virtue of brevity, these animated whiteboard explainer videos maintain engagement with precise pacing and minimal voiceover, letting the product’s utility speak for itself. 


RingCentral’s animated explainer sets a high standard for how to videos in the SaaS sector, illustrating the art of presenting product features in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Through the use of photo-realistic visuals and sophisticated UI animations, the video offers a smooth and immersive viewing experience. 

However, it’s the user-focused storytelling that truly distinguishes this video. Rather than merely cataloging features, it integrates them into a compelling narrative that aligns with the viewers’ needs and goals, enhancing the video’s relatability and impact. 

The RingCentral animated product video underscores the potential of interactive elements in SaaS animated explainer videos. 

Wrapping Up

An explainer video is an effective tool for brand-customer communication. It allows companies to tell their stories, present their product and services creatively, and provide fun to their customers. Standing out on the modern web has become a challenge for businesses. Luckily, explainer video companies can craft outstanding reels to help them do it. 

In this article, we overviewed our 35 most favorite explainer video examples. We really hope these explainer video samples will become your source of inspiration too and encourage you to create your own amazing video.

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