13 Best Recruitment Videos of All Time

Recruiting process has never been easy. Finding the candidate that perfectly meets company expectations is a time and effort-consuming process. However, the development of any company is impossible without attracting and hiring new talents. 

13 Best Recruitment Videos of All Time 20
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Recruiters are always in search of the best ways to attract candidates and talents.  Recruitment videos can become a great tool to facilitate this process. Just imagine: you upload the video on Youtube, and it keeps attracting the best talents while you are offline.

Recently, Ragan published the results of the research that demonstrate the desire of HR specialists to tell engaging stories. More than 31% of interviewed specialists confessed they are ready to do that. Why? The matter is that by 2022, video viewing will account for 82% of all internet traffic. Therefore, the talents will be more likely to check Youtube to find their dream company than use Indeed.

Still, recruitment video content is not quite popular among the recruiters. But the popularity of such videos is growing, and you have to be ready to publish your first recruitment video before it becomes mainstream.

In this article, we will analyze all aspects of recruitment videos from reasons to use them and up to examples of the  best recruitment videos you can use as a source of inspiration.

What is Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is a type of video for hr that is used in recruitment strategy to attract new talents by demonstrating the company’s benefits in a video. 

In every job description, you will find the words about great company culture, top-notch office, and an impressive number of benefits the employee can enjoy. However, these are just words. Each candidate has their own vision of benefits, good office, and culture. However, with the help of video, it gets possible to visualize this information so that the candidate can watch the video and see everything by their own eyes before even they join the company

In fact, recruitment video helps to become closer to the candidates. Additionally, it makes the company more humanized. Such videos show people working in the company, their real offices, and in some cases, the company’s product.

Company recruitment videos have a number of benefits that go far beyond attracting top talents. Here are some of them:

  • They serve as a great promotion tool for small companies

We all know that Google or Apple are great companies with a perfect corporate culture even though we may not work there. However, when it comes to small companies, only employees know how it feels to work there. With the help of the recruitment video, you can tell the whole world about your small company.

  • Videos help to rank better on job boards

Obviously, you use job boards to post company vacancies. However, it isn’t easy to stand out from all other companies that offer the same job opportunities. According to Statista, in August 2021, there were 10.44 million job openings in the US only. The candidates have a huge number of companies to choose from. By adding a video on the job board, your vacancies will get higher in rank, and more candidates will see them.

  • You will attract more applicants

The latest research demonstrates that job postings with a video have a 34% higher application rate. These numbers prove that you need to start working on your recruitment videos as soon as possible.

We’re sure now you understand the importance of recruitment videos for your business. Now let’s watch some recruitment videos 2022 that will be a great inspiration for you.

1. Fiverr

This Fiverr recruitment video is one of the best recruitment video examples that perfectly demonstrate corporate culture. However, if you look closely at this demonstration, you will notice that the whole story is told in a slightly ironic way, which helps to show that there are just people working together behind a big business. Turn the sound on, and see how a serious recruitment video can be presented least seriously.

2. Dropbox

Do you remember the Muppet Show? Dropbox uses muppets in their recruitment video, and it definitely helps this video to stand out among other videos of this type. While watching this video, which shows the employee interview process, we understand that when working in Dropbox, you work in a company with a fun and playful corporate culture.

3. Zendesk

In this Zendesk video, we see the real people who work for the company: with the Zoom conference screenshots, demonstration of the product, and telling the company’s story. The video length is less than 2 minutes, but it is enough to create an image of a company for the potential employees.

4. H&M

While watching this video by H&M, we immediately understand one of the company values: creativity. All the metaphors can be clearly understood, the values and mission don’t need to be additionally explained after watching this video.

This is a great example of an inspirational video that evolves emotions and desire to work for this company.

5. Zappos

Zappos recruitment video is focused on the welcoming environment of the company. The video is shot in the form of a documentary film that shows the relations between the employees. The message of the video is clear: Zappos are looking for candidates who love their work and want to become part of a big family.

6. Apple

Even such well-known companies as Apple create recruitment videos to attract talents and demonstrate their culture to its fullest. Even though this video was created almost 10 years ago, it is still innovative and definitely speaks for the company’s values.

7. Google

To attract talents, Google uses the idea of the first week in Google for their recruitment video. In this way, the potential employee understands what they can expect from working in this company and building the corporate culture.

8. The U.S. Space Force

The U.S. Space Force video is impressive: only 30 seconds that make you want to work for them. Perfect narration, great shots, and the big idea behind the whole story — you can also create a perfect recruitment video for your company using this approach.

9. BBH

Normal is boring. BBH definitely do not let boring become normal. Their recruitment video, which is the combination of office shots and their works, is a demonstration of the powerful mission they have and the values they want to share with their candidates.

10. McDonald’s

How about an anime-style recruitment video? McDonald’s show us that choosing the right strategy for creating such a video is important, especially when working with young people. Of course, we all know McDonald’s company, but we’re sure, with such anime-style video, any company could attract young talents.

11. General Mills

General Mills demonstrate all the amenities of their office to candidates right in their recruitment video. There’s no need to tell about the gym and buffet in the job description. By watching a video, you see what exactly you can enjoy becoming a part of the General Mills company.

12. Adidas Group

Adidas is known for their strong messages. No need to be an athlete to join us, when you hear this message in the video, you understand that this company is ready to work with you. In this way, many talents will feel more confident when applying to such a big company as Adidas.

13. SodaStream

SodaStream invites us to join the revolution in a creative and funny way. This video shows what happens when SodaStream’s CEO meets ‘The Mountain’ from the ‘Game of Thrones’ and puts him into work. It’s a funny video with a strong message — recommended to watch!

What Makes Video so Important?

We’re sure, when watching the recruitment videos examples, you decided that you need to create such a video for your company. However, we want to know all the benefits of recruitment videos before you start to work on them.

Video is Engaging

As you have already understood from the examples, these videos are extremely engaging. You just don’t want to shut them, and you want them till the end.

Remember that creating an engaging video is more than just telling a funny story. You need to have a clear idea, a strong message, and resources to create a beautiful picture.

Videos Encourage Sharing

You can hardly find a text job description that is shared on social media by company employees. However, sharing a video is a different thing. If you have a great recruitment video, you can post it on Facebook and ask your employees to share it. Thus, more people will see this video and may get interested in working for your company.

Video is Great for Mobile

There is one important thing you need to keep in mind. Mobile goes first. And it also goes first for the recruitment process. Fortunately, video content is perfect for mobile usage. 

Don’t hesitate to use recruitment videos, as they can bring you more talents than you’ve expected.


A good recruitment video is more than just a 2-minute video that you upload on Youtube and forget about it. It can be actively used in your recruitment strategy to attract new talents and approach new candidates faster. 

You can use it to demonstrate the benefits of the company, its mission, and values. It can be used as the visualization of your office, team, or regular activities that you hold in your company.

A recruitment video demonstrates corporate culture, so that a person can immediately understand whether this culture is suitable for them. 

You can choose any approach for your video. You can shoot your colleagues or your CEO, or you can create an animated video. But whatever you choose, you need someone who will help you create the best video for you.

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