Crowdfunding Video Tips

An effective tool for building your crowdfunding marketing campaign is video. But what should this video be so that you reach your goal and realize your intended project? Let’s break it down.

Crowdfunding Video Tips 20
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No matter how cool your crowdfunding idea is, you need to remember that your audience’s attention and their finances are what will get your project off the ground. Suppose you don’t have time to read the whole article and know the secret. You just need to tap into your audience’s emotions and explain that you can’t do anything without them.

How do you do that? We will tell you what a crowdfunding video is, how to make it popular and successful, and show you some examples of good videos that have succeeded in reaching their goal. 

Let’s get started!

What is a crowdfunding video?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a project. It is usually for startups or non-profits that need the help of their audience to bring an idea to life. It is an opportunity to get initial funding to launch a pilot version of the project.

A crowdfunding video contains a story about the idea of the project, a short history of the team, and most importantly, it has information about how this product will solve problems or problems of its users. Such a video is a kind of mouthpiece of the startup for the audience. Thanks to this format, product creators can literally illustrate to the audience in a few minutes and with examples what they plan to do, in what timeframe, and how it will help society.

Nevertheless, in order for you to create a successful video, it’s worth practicing and being inspired by other videos. So let’s dig deeper.

What do you say in a crowdfunding video?

Among the best crowdfunding videos are those that tell a story. You can bring in the main characters suffering from the fact that you haven’t released your product to the world yet. It’s such a simple secret to achievement. Start by describing how things are now and what the world is like without your project. Describe what the downsides are now, show how much your project is missing from the audience.

In the second part of the narrative, it’s time to introduce the audience to the product. Show sketches, initial versions, offer the product face! Share your personal experience of interacting with the test version, tell how you got the idea and how much time and effort you put into creating a development plan and prescribing the next steps for launching the product! Talk about all the perks of using your project.

And finally, we recommend that you turn on the emotions in the interested audience. Once again, remind them that the realization of the project can only happen if you raise the necessary amount of money. Your main task during the creation of such a video is to collect maximum benefits and arguments about why the world needs your project in a short space of time. Lure users in and tell them it will all be for nothing without their support. Give them a chance to feel involved in your development, promise that each viewer’s help will bring your project closer to realization, which means there will be fewer problems in the world. 

Best tips to create a crowdfunding video

And now we’re going to share little crowdfunding video tips on how you can succeed in creating.

1. Make it Short & Simple

You won’t have too much time to attract, much less hold, the user’s attention. Evoke a desire to learn more about your product. Set a goal to get help from everyone who watches the video. Use animations, and simulations of future versions of the product. These techniques will allow you to reduce and simplify your video. Try to make the viewer see through to the end of your video and help you realize your project. Complicated videos will not elicit a positive reaction from the audience. You don’t want to make it complicated. 

2. Don’t forget about quality

As with any other video, you need to remember the basic rules of quality video. You can make a good video on your smartphone if you have a high-quality camera. To make it easier to shoot video with your smartphone, you can buy additional equipment, such as a tripod or flash. Make sure your video is displayed properly on all devices. Make sure that you don’t have problems with the audio tracks during video playback. Optimize the sound quality. Take care of good lighting. Elementary, wipe down the camera lens and remove extraneous noise. You may not think it matters, but the high-quality video will be more enjoyable for users to watch and easier to perceive. At the same time, picture and sound issues can make the user turn off your project without any help.  

3. Be Inspired

The best way to be inspired to create your video is to see how other startups have made their videos. You can find a lot of completed projects online. Look at their websites, their social networks, their videos. Take the best practices and implement them as part of your project. It is very useful for any creative endeavor. Nevertheless, don’t confuse inspiration with plagiarism. If the audience understands that you have taken someone else’s idea, you will lose the trust of your users and will not be able to achieve your main fundraising goal. 

4. Get it everywhere

Once you’ve published a video, it’s time to make it famous to the world! Simply put, you have to do your best to get your video seen by all the people on the planet. It’s probably an impossible task, but the higher your goal, the higher you’ll aim. Now let’s take it one step at a time. First, make social media posts about your project and share in communities on the topic of your product. You can also ask your friends, team, and family to spread the word about the project on their accounts. Next, you can run a crowdfunding campaign video ad if your starting budget allows you. And in general, the bigger your budget, the more distribution opportunities you must consider. Do you have the money to show your video in cinemas before a film screening? Take advantage of this option!

5. Be emotional

It is certainly right that you talk about the numbers, show statistics, and a project prototype. These are the facts. But don’t forget about the emotional component. Engage your audience in your project with emotion. That means: get to their hearts and get them to fund your idea. It’s not an easy task, but if you clearly define the problems of your target audience, then you can spell out the emotions you need to evoke and make a crowdfunding video more emotional.

5 Best crowdfunding videos

It’s about time we got that dose of inspiration we promised you at the beginning of this article. Let’s take a look at some crowdfunding video examples!

Good Spread Peanut Butter

This video attracts and holds the viewer’s attention literally from the first second of viewing. Thanks to the humorous tone and homely atmosphere, the video creators established a trusting connection and played on emotions about family. That is a perfect example of a quality video that targets the emotions of its users.

The Coolest Cooler

Show your project with simple examples? That is the main task of any project that plans to get funding from its audience. And the creators of this video have coped with their tasks perfectly. Watch this video and note for yourself all the effective techniques that made this video so popular.

The Atari crowdfunding video for Indiegogo

Atari is associated with childhood and evokes nostalgia in its target audience. The product came at a great time to launch its campaign. 

Video for Crowdcube

In this interesting and successful marketing campaign, the creators show viewers how to use humor to convince us to invest. Although the video is a bit longer, you won’t notice as you’ll be engrossed in watching it.

Cocoro crowdfunding video

In this video, the startup founders explain simply and with examples that they know how to solve environmental problems.

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The task of creating a video is not easy at all. However, we have tried to give you a basic understanding of successful practices and good examples to inspire you. We hope that our guide will be a useful starting point on your way to creating successful crowdfunding videos.

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