The Ways to Make Your Explainer Videos ‘Pop’

If you’ve been looking for effective ways to grab people’s attention with your video content for too long, the ways to make your explainer videos pop will be just what you need. They are fast and effective enough to boost your business’s success. Also, learn how to make complicated explainer videos motion graphica easier so that you make your videos pop with our advice.

The Ways to Make Your Explainer Videos ‘Pop’ 20
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8 effective ways to upgrade your videos

When you make your own explainer video either with a professional animated video production company or with the help of effective animation tools, make sure you apply some tips and tricks to ensure your video success.  Here you may find some of the easiest ways to pop your video on YouTube channel, blog or any other media.

1)    Make fun with vibrant colors and logo designs

Use the most helpful trends in logo design and coloring. Vary with the pallets for your videos so that to make it stand out from the competition. Do not overdo it. Just make ordinary stories shine with some branded eye-catching color schemes opting for something aesthetically pleasing.

2)    Make it an extraordinary color solution

Another way to make your video explainer pop is by choosing monochromatic schemes. Unexpected as it is, it will sure make your product stand out. Where your competitors prefer colorful videos, you may select it black and white, or vice versa. Apply a strong color choice on particular characters, objects, or even motifs in such a meaningful way that to keep your theme apparent, keeping all the rest in a more subdued visual range.

3)    Play with animation

Again you may create the objects which were expected to be motionless, animated. Study animation techniques to choose from and go ahead with your experiments on animation types. Always remember that creating your explainers so that they pop out of the box may be tricky when your explainer video looks just like everyone else’s – motionless and breathless. So, go on and fix that with the most wanted graphic & motion design styles.

4)    Choose extraordinary music & sound effects

Your explainers should not be just limited to visuals to grab and keep the audience’s attention. Music is another way to make them pop. By adding music, you practically control your viewer’s mood. The music in your video can add more excitement, tension, calmness, fear, and other emotions to your footage. Thus, choosing the right sound for explainer videos is a crucial step when producing high-quality video explainers.

5)    Make it speechless

Literally, silence may be the greatest attention grabber. What if you choose a speechless visual range, full of unexpected emotions produced by animated characters instead of voice overs or acting accompanied with bright sound, etc.? Actions speak louder than words, or even the picture may speak volumes, so here the silence plays a dramatic effect and may be especially powerful if you create a strong social cause for the audience to get across. A rare solution, but if well thought and staged, it may be a chef-d’oeuvre.

6)    Apply animated texts and quirky objects for the non-listeners

It’s possible to still make even your whiteboard or doodle minimalistic video pop even without being heard by means of using attention-grabbing text art like animated logos, text may help emphasize the keywords and deliver a message to those viewers on the go who do not like to listen. Be sure to keep your message wording brief and summarise the key ideas so that to keep those eyeballs interested and reading until the end.

7)    Play with film shot types

Working with different types of film shots plays a vital role in great cinematography in the video production process. In other words, the crucial questions are how to work with the frame to show a deep understanding of the script elements, reveal the characters of personages or the role of actors for excellent storytelling

8)    There’s always a catch

The most excellent technique of all times is hooks. It would be best if you always gave the audience a hook so that they leave with it until the rest of their lives, thinking it over or having no power to forget, being shocked or mesmerized, etc. Not even just a twist of the plot or artistic genre, the hock in either of techniques will be a perfect way to pop your video.

The hook is something that is catchy and memorable enough to engage on a subconscious level and become the top of mind for your business.


 Even if you have never wondered what actually goes into making explainer videos so that they pop, now you know something. How to make your own animated explainer video pop is not a big deal when you know some simple ways based on original music, text, animation design or color usage, and so much more. They are easy, fast, and effective enough to boost your business’s success via incredible explainer videos.

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