What is Whiteboard Animation Video & How to Make One?

Have you ever seen videos that look like someone is drawing a story on a whiteboard while explaining something? This style of video explainers is called whiteboard animation. If you’re not quite into the style yet, you’re welcome to explore it.

What is Whiteboard Animation Video & How to Make One? 20
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What Is Whiteboard Animation Nowadays?

What is a whiteboard animation video? Here’s the most common definition:

Animated whiteboard videos are pieces that mimic an artist’s drawing on a whiteboard or chalkboard in front of the camera. (99Designs)

Another name for whiteboard videos you may come across is a Doodle Video.

This is the video with deliberately simplified graphics that demonstrates the process of drawing images on a board/glass and reveals an idea or plot in stages.

In the beginning, people did use real whiteboards and markers. Still, today this is usually done using digital animation tools just to imitate the same process, which makes it cleaner and more efficient.

How Can You Use Whiteboard Animation?

What are whiteboard videos and how can you apply them best of all for your business goals?

Whiteboard animations make messages easier to understand, save and distribute. And yes, that includes your marketing strategy messages. So, in either of cases, marketing, educational, explaining, or any other – whiteboard video explainers will come in handy.

Reasons to Make Whiteboard Animation

What else makes this style of the video so powerful? They are said to have a high educational potential, making them perfect for getting complex ideas across to your audience. This is a video format that has proven useful for companies that need to explain high-tech products or services. It comes in handy if you need to cover a lot of information in short.

In the doodle video format, the drawings are thoughtful and subject to the script. However, their style, reminiscent of notes, allows you to assimilate information and quickly draw attention to the explanation process. This is probably the reason for the high viewer engagement rates and the trend towards using this format for marketing purposes.

Whiteboard Animation Creation Process

When approaching companies for their educational potential, you should know a few things about the drawing process. So, take a couple of minutes and read on the video production perks below. 

The first step in creating a whiteboard video animation is always your script – your brand message. Take your time to write down all your ideas. Try at the same time to keep it short and engaging if you need help doing that, welcome with your ideas and hand them in to the industry scriptwriters who will arrange them into a beautiful storyboard.

The whiteboard animation package will be the best solution when creating something large, deep, complex, or detailed. The toolkit may allow you to create as many scenes as needed with the script, character animations, icons, backgrounds, environments, and more to your project stand out from the crowd. 

You may easily order demos and intros that you can use to dwell on your videos for services, businesses, your startup, other companies, and more.

You can start the video production process when your script is ready and all the steps, characters, and scenes are ready.

How Long Does it Take to Create Whiteboard Animation?

Since a great whiteboard animation video will need a nice storyboard, a video design may take approximately 4-6 days to complete, on average. That’s for every minute of video made. 

When it’s done, your creative animates an approved storyboard (which may take up to 5 – 10 days). You may also expect this project to take longer to finish. Much depends on how many revisions are required to be made to your design.

How Much Does It Cost to Create Whiteboard Animation?

If you choose, for instance, a 30-second video, the production costs for a high-quality animated explainer video will be between $2000 – $4500. Again, much depends on the animation style and revisions in the process if any. 

If we take a pure whiteboard animation, the costs may range from $2,800 – $35,000 per minute. In the end, you get a well-polished video, ready for use on your website, social media, at the meetings and conferences, shared via emails, or even TV, etc.

Generally, while choosing animation types, to bypass big expenses, you’d better avoid traditional animation, 3D animation and instead go with 2D motion graphics.

Always check the examples to match your budget to its quality.

Moreover, by choosing an appropriate set of tools, you have many options for getting to know the technology closer prior to choosing a professional video production service. You may create your animation piece, use ready-made samples, or use hundreds of scenes designed as a template.

If your video isn’t particularly accurate from scratch, you can choose one of the pre-made intros to save time and skyrocket with your idea quicker. You may also further edit videos by adding text, adding or removing a scene, and rearranging their order. It’s simple, fun, and can be done in minutes.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

There is a range of benefits the doodles may bring to your business.

Whiteboard animations are so funny! If done correctly, they have a powerful effect on the viewers and may be very entertaining.

Animations of whiteboards are flexible. They are useful everywhere, whether it’s your home page of your website or your social media page.

Whiteboard animations are easy to remember. This is a good way for a customer to buy from you. Engaging in your video is easier; they will also remember your product.

Animations of whiteboards are well distributed. The best thing about these videos and whiteboards, in particular, is that they may also distribute and promote your followers and other users on any social network.

5 Best Whiteboard Video Examples

To better understand what is a whiteboard explainer video, look through the five best video doodles from various creators:

The History of Marriage

Charles Duhigg Asks: What Makes a Great Team?

Unilever Series NCAA Dove and Axe BodyWash

Whiteboard animation for the Insurance company

Gymnastics Course

Also, feel free to read more on Cartoon Animation vs. Whiteboard Videos and discover top handwritten video samples alongside doodles to better decide which style suits your business.

Do not forget to avoid typical mistakes while making up your whiteboards or doodle videos for business.

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Club Soda

The Campus

Tohu Trailer

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What is a whiteboard video? Whiteboard animated videos are an engaging and cost-effective solution to market your products, the minimalistic style of notes and a step-by-step explanation of ideas to perfectly hold the audience’s attention.

For the application of unique and complex projects, it is worth contacting a production studio, which will take over the development of the idea, script, and production of the video, etc.

To create simpler doodle videos, a wide range of programs are available for ordinary users who do not have the skills of creating illustrations, motion design, and editing. Many of them have free versions with full or limited functionality.

When developing a doodle video on your own, think over the plot, storyboard, and choose the style of animation scenes and images in the software libraries in advance. Good luck!

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