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Part 2: Whiteboard Animation Software

March 18, 2017

In a previous article we told about whiteboard animation and its advantages for business and brand building.
For small-size startups it is often expensive to buy an explainer video. The best possible option is to create a simple video by themselves. What is the best user-friendly software to choose from?

  • VideoScribe. The software was firstly released in 2012 and became wide-spread among web-designers and market experts. The program is compatible with Android, iPad, iOS and Windows. It’s easy to use and it has a wide range of opportunities for creating FAQs, technical explanations, etc. The price of 12 USD per month is quite affordable.
  • GoAnimate. This program is not free either, but even for 39 USD per month it’s definitely worth trying. Create a high quality video within a few minutes! Voice-over is synchronized automatically; ready-made characters are available, too. It has a number of options for cartoon stories, info-graphics and anime stories covering different industries and concepts.
  • PowToon. The program helps users to create professional-looking presentations and explainer videos. Its beta-version is free. Therefore, explainer video costs nothing and may be used by starts up as their first project.
  • TTS Sketch Maker. The product offers 25 voices with different accent and languages. Voice speed and volume can be changed, too. Users can design view, change a character within a few clicks, add effects, images, text, voice, etc.
  • Explaindio. The program has a various options, including customization and integration with other editing software. Pre-designed slides help to make awesome presentation videos. The price is just 69 USD per year.

Any company has two options: to buy animation for business or create their own video using the applicable software. Large corporations spend thousands of dollars per one video, and explainer software is a good chance to develop business for small newly-established companies.

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