Best Animated Explainer Videos

Animated videos are very fun to make and useful for conversion rates. Why is it good to look at the best commercials? Animation is usually cheaper than live action videos, it allows for more creativity and pretty easy to edit. The explainer video price fully depends on difficulty for creation a cartoon.

  • When you watch an effective animated video you learn why they work and can apply some of its techniques and ideas for your own.
  • Watching different videos is good for analyzing mistakes.

Here are the best animated video examples to choose from:

  • Spotify. It’s a fun amination video for digital music services. In this video color scheme fits with the brand’s design, it relies on a tune rather than on words. Welcome to the world of music!
  • Mint. A nice example of how animation illustrates business. Explainer video studios used colorful and catchy screenshots of the product to show each step in details and familiarize the customers with the arrangement and design.
  • SpeakOn. This iTunes application retrieves the messages sent by mistake. You can see how it works in the video with funny animated animals.
  • CleanMyMac. It’s a cleanser app which deletes unnecessary files on your Mac. Macintosh will tell you a magic winter story.
  • Rise To. Are you looking for a job? Watch a video tutorial created by Rise To to find your dream job quickly and easily.
  • Safedrive. A good motivation cartoon for not texting while driving a car. The animated explainer video shows how careful drives are rewarded for safe driving and provides necessary instructions.
  • Coca Cola Content. The company uses whiteboard style to be both stimulating and informative.
  • Sonic Box. The video tells the audience about a problem and solves it using humor and visual metaphors.
  • Mightycall. Even young children can understand how the program works due to its customer-friendly explanation video: organize SMS, calls, email and social networks in one app.

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