21 Facebook Video Statistics You Must Know

Well, are you producing and distributing video content on Facebook? 

Next, you will find useful facts in this article. 

21 Facebook Video Statistics You Must Know 20
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Facebook (or Meta, as Mr Zuckerberg has recently announced) is one of the largest internet companies worldwide for 2022. FB is the most popular social channel in the world. When planning a marketing strategy to promote the brand, one can hardly neglect this option.

How to make it work? Let’s have a closer look at videos on Facebook.

We have gathered 21 impressive Facebook video stats to help you navigate in producing video content for this social network.

1. The average engagement rate video is 6.01%

People watch videos on Facebook. And not only do they watch them, but they also forward them to each other. 6.01% is not a bad engagement result, and you should take advantage of this opportunity to achieve your marketing goals.

2. Around 87% of marketing specialists use Facebook

Your competitors are already making full use of Facebook. Most of them also produce or publish video content. If you’re still not using this social channel, it’s hard to imagine how much potential traffic to your site and how much potential brand awareness you’re missing out on.

3. Over 4 billion video views daily

Impressive Facebook video statistics, isn’t it? Of course, not all users will see your video, but just think about what prospects for content promotion await you in this social network. So get your followers, give them interesting content. This way, you can not only retain subscribers but also attract new ones.

4. Mobile-first video posts increase awareness of the company by up to 68%

It’s no secret that most of us use social networks from our smartphones. Facebook, like Google, has its algorithms for ranking content. And optimization for mobile devices is one of those factors. It’s easy. If you want to get more views, make it easy for your followers to watch videos from a mobile device.

5. Videos with facts and numbers receive more users views

Numbers attract the attention of users. Surely you noticed the number in the title of this article too? Use interesting statistics in the title and cover to catch the user’s eye. The user is much more likely to watch a video with a number in the title! By the way, it doesn’t just apply to video content.

6. Users watch 110 000 000 hours of FB video posts daily

Facebook is another only to YouTube and Vimeo video viewing hours by Facebook video statistics 2022. And it is even though Facebook is not an aggregator of video content, but a social network! As you can see, the numbers show that users of this channel like to watch videos and do it often. 

7. Video posts generate a lot more organic traffic than images

Attract organic views from your target viewers with short clips. While pictures used to work, numerous studies now show that people prefer dynamic video content. You can turn your ideas for static pictures into short clips or make looped GIFs. 

8. 1 in 5 clips is a live broadcast

Well, you probably know about the ability to broadcast on Facebook. It used to be a feature only used by opinion leaders and media members, but now live-streaming attracts people with few friends as well. 

Try going live and getting a live reaction from your followers in real-time! It’s an interesting format that can fuel your audience’s attention to your account and motivate them to follow your daily updates. For example, it will work well if you share exclusive facts or discounts for your customers in a live broadcast.

9. 65% of all Facebook video views come from mobile users

Mobile traffic is the new black. Although no, it’s not so new! For a long time now, both social media and search engines have noted that users spend most of their sessions on sites from their smartphones or tablets. As we mentioned earlier, it is the reason you should optimize your video content for mobile devices. Facebook video views statistics is talking for itself.

10. The best video length for Facebook is up to 15 seconds

Users’ attention is hard to attract and even harder to retain. Therefore, the likelihood that someone will want to watch a random video a few minutes long is very low. So remember that short videos work well for this social network. Ideally, if you create a series of videos of up to 15 seconds.

11. 92% of people watch videos with a sound off

Because Facebook tends to show videos with the sound turned off, many people are used to not turning it on. So you might not pay much attention to this aspect of video making or stop at background music with rights to use it. 

Oh, and talking of rights. You should keep in mind that if you don’t have the right to use music or images, the social network may block all or part of your content.

12. 11% of all posts on Facebook are videos

Admitting that Facebook is recognized as a social network with texts, 11% of video is great. Nevertheless, you can improve it by producing and distributing videos. 

13. Native videos get 488% more shares 

If you upload the link to YouTube or Vimeo, you will get much less reach for your content. Upload videos directly to Facebook because that way, you’ll get more views and reach from users. Statistics evidences it. Facebook is interested in publishing original content so that you can use it as a primary source for your videos as well.

14. 65% of users who watch the first seconds watch for at least ten seconds

You won’t have much time to get a user interested in your content. The first 3 seconds are key. So try to get the followers’ notice from the first second onward.

15. The post engagement is at its peak on Wednesdays between 11 AM and 1 PM

Of course, the statistics will vary depending on the country of your users and on your audience. Nevertheless, it is the posts posted during this time that get the most coverage. You can see the data specifically about your page in the page statistics. There is information there about the times your posts get the most coverage. Use this information as a guide.

16. Branded clips have a massive increase on the platform

Brands have been taking over Facebook for a while now, which means it’s time for your company to do the same. It’s a great way to increase the visibility of your business and attract new customers. Learn from corporations with millions of subscribers and produce your video content.

17. People like live streams with several speakers

The talk show format has moved to social media as well. You’ve probably seen live broadcasts where experts discuss a topic together. Users love to listen to such live broadcasts so that you can use this as an idea for your new video project.

18. Users like square clips

The practice of watching square clips has become common among users thanks to Instagram. Whether that’s good or bad, we don’t know for sure. But it’s a trend, and the evidence shows that users will watch your square video more often. Check it out and see how your readers react to a square video!

19. A 15+ second video ad post will have a high abandon rate

Long content is not in trend. Especially if you want to use videos to promote your product. Users won’t watch long promotional ads, which means that the bounce rate for your page will increase. 

What can we conclude? Make videos shorter than 15 seconds. And then there’s a better chance that users will increase your Facebook video view rate benchmark.

20. 52% like to watch videos to find fresh news

Another idea for your video content is to create news picks. Users love news, so why not start sharing it? It could be news related to your brand or your country. Either way, you should try this type of content and see how your content views change.

21. The medium cost-per-view rate is 1–15 cents

The low cost to attract leads makes posting clips there even more attractive. It will be a little more expensive on other social networks, so take advantage of the opportunity to attract a lead at this low cost.

How to Make a Successful Video for Facebook?

You can achieve success on Facebook if you test different ideas for content. Follow our tips, and you’ll be surprised how useful this social network can be in achieving your promotion goals.

Promote viral content. Motivate users to share your videos on your pages. Make your videos good for mobile devices. Then you can be more successful than your competitors and attract more views.


In this post, we talked about 21 facts about videos on Facebook. You can use those facts to produce posts that will increase your brand awareness and customers. Don’t forget to follow social networks updates regularly and test new formats. 

That way, you can beat the opponent and get more views!

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