Drawing Power: How to Make Good Animations & What Makes Animation so Special?

It’s hard to believe it now, but back in the 1990s, a Toy Story writer Andrew Stanton with his colleagues spent a lot of time proving to their studio that compelling stories could be told using animation. Now a lot has changed, and animation design is used in numerous areas, including business. How to make good animation videos is an issue in question.

Drawing Power: How to Make Good Animations & What Makes Animation so Special? 20
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What is animation?

You just can’t decide on how to animate good without the knowledge of what the animation is. In a broader sense, the animation is a method where figures are manipulated in such a way that to appear as moving pics.

In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets which makes the process a real power to be further photographed and exhibited on sales videos. Today, most animations are made with the help of computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Why is animation information so well received?

The hugest drawing power belongs to the animated design. Animation is essential because it lets the audience tell stories and communicate real emotions and innovative ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive, and – share way that both adults and children may understand. 

Animated data has helped to connect people throughout the whole world in a way that sometimes ordinary writing and live-action films cannot.

Top mistakes that can fail your animation

Before you find out how to make a good animation & create motion graphic objects, it’s important to understand how it can be done wrong. Here are the six animation story mistakes to avoid at all costs:

  • Over-animating a scene.

First, animators should always be careful to not over animate their scenes.

  • Adding inappropriate sound or music.

Make sure your audio is to the point just like all the rest effects used if any.

  • Not giving time to take it in.

Good animation is always well-timed. Keep the rhythm and make sure your scene tempo is good for the human eye.

  • Forgetting the why.

You shouldn’t create anything without a clear goal, especially commercial animated videos and other corporate material.

  • No consistency between cuts.

Flawless editing and smooth transitions without any damage to the video sense are a must.

  • Going off brand

Keep your ideas focused on the brand message & corporate style.

Also, avoid having any random pops of movements in your scene. Those pops can destroy the sense of weight in your animation. Spacing issues may not look noticeable to you, but they can be noticeable and distracting to the people who view your video.


Make sure you provide for everything in the initial stages, during brainstorming your ideas and making your storyboard.

Also, apply useful tips to avoid mistakes & animate great pictures.

3 tips for creating better animation

Before you start, you’d better turn on your creativity to the fullest. When creating an animation, put as much effort into it as otherwise, it may turn out to be inexpressive. Also, do a good job on the details.

  • Make sketches

Draw a sketch of your future animation project if you have an idea or a great plan. If you already have a finished image in your head, you can start from scratch. From a drawing to a storyboard – practice makes perfect.

  • Apply templates

Add the required elements. They can be added both to an empty project and to a ready-made template if the team uses such. It is very convenient that any template can be further customized the way you like. You can change colors, add shapes, and graphic elements such as lines, buttons, arrows, and more.

  • Hire professionals

When you’re happy with the process, the animation meets all requirements and you may share it with the world. To do this, a great studio offers options for content distribution.

First, you can download your presentation as a GIF or video and post it to a social network or blog. Second, you can generate a private or public link and share it with the audience. Third, animation can be embedded in a blog or web page to get the most out of interactive features.

What should be the perfect team to create a good animation?

Creating great animated graphics is not as difficult as it might seem. When you work with the dream team, nothing really matters. You can hardly easily do it on your own, without the help of designers and studios. Contact Explain Ninja to try creating an incredible animation today or discover how to make good animations in no time.


Now, good animation design is used in numerous areas, including business. How to make good animation videos? With a great team, you will find that out and make any animation design more dynamic and draw great pictures to drag the audience’s attention to your ideas. Add effects to your videos like gifs or motion graphics and accomplish videos to share via social media and your website to increase reach and engagement. Finally, great animations created with a great team tell stories and deliver your brand message best of all.

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