Script Is All That Really Matters

Experienced internet marketers know that nothing is as productive as an explanation video, because it manages to split a ton of information into smaller visual elements for better understanding and thus, better conversion. People trust you, talk about you and share the appealing information with potential customers. Better SEO will get your video to the tops of the lists of search engines. Are you willing to maximize conversion? Start with the script.

Tip One: Do It Yourself

There’s no explainer video production company that knows more about your business than you are. It means that no company should be responsible for the script, because the high quality of the video won’t score without thought-out writing.
Only the owner knows the weak and the strong sides of his or her business. Remember: the aim of the video you’re about to create is to respond to all of the concerns of your possible customers to increase your sales. If you can’t do it yourself, no one will do it for you.
Tip Two: Socialize

Explainer video prices are not the only thing you should take care of. Invest in properly organized social surveys through such platforms as These resources make true magic in matters of analytics and collecting opinions of customers about what you do. Here’s a list of possible questions:

  • Do you like our webpage? What would you like to change or add?
  • What makes you hesitate to make a purchase?
  • What’s the greatest fault of this service/website?
  • Do you feel confused while using the resource? Why?

The answers to these questions will help you to uncover the insights of the customers and to get a clear picture of what you do right, what you do wrong, and what should be mentioned in your animated video for business to simplify your customers’ experience.

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